UK videos
Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:33am

I recently acquired some British DVDs. Anybody know a relatively cheap way to copy them to my Windows 7 computer and burn them to a disc that will play in my USA TV? I realize I can purchase a DVD player that will both PAL and NTSC, but I was hoping to avoid the expense.

    • British DVDsgarfer, Tue Nov 13 12:04pm
      Check out the internet for DVD players. Some NTSC models only require a code to be entered and they become region free; thus not having to pay the high price for all region players. My old Yamaha is... more
      • Re: British DVDsJohn Nudge, Wed Nov 14 8:30am
        There's a program out there called Any Video Converter that will convert just about anything, including PAL to NTSC.
        • Any Video ConverterLucas, Mon Nov 19 3:07pm
          I took a look at this app. It looks like it's mainly for iPhones and computers. Have you used it to burn to discs?
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