British DVDs
Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:04pm

Check out the internet for DVD players. Some NTSC models only require a code to be entered and they become region free; thus not having to pay the high price for all region players. My old Yamaha is NTCS but there was a breaking code that set the DVD player to all regions and PAL/NTSC. Perhaps there is a code to turn your player to region free. Check out VIDEOHELP.Com for their DVD hacks. They also list region free players. My son picked up a cheap 25 dollar DVD player and it played PAL and NTSC DVDs as the manufacturer made them all that way. DVD decryptor will break the PAL decoding and create an ISO file in PAL format, but I do not know of a converter software that will change the format.

  • UK videosLucas, Tue Nov 13 9:33am
    I recently acquired some British DVDs. Anybody know a relatively cheap way to copy them to my Windows 7 computer and burn them to a disc that will play in my USA TV? I realize I can purchase a DVD... more
    • British DVDs — garfer, Tue Nov 13 12:04pm
      • Re: British DVDsJohn Nudge, Wed Nov 14 8:30am
        There's a program out there called Any Video Converter that will convert just about anything, including PAL to NTSC.
        • Any Video ConverterLucas, Mon Nov 19 3:07pm
          I took a look at this app. It looks like it's mainly for iPhones and computers. Have you used it to burn to discs?
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