John Nudge
Re: Crazy bell ringer
Sun Dec 2, 2018 10:57am

Juan de Dios was played by Antonio Moreno.

However, the IMDb also lists Raf Baldassarre as "Juan de Dios." I don't remember seeing Baldassarre in the movie. Bogus credit, or a trick of the eyes? Baldassarre was tall, Moreno's almost a midget, and they look noting alike.

  • Crazy bell ringerNobody, Sat Dec 1 1:29pm
    Is the crazy bell ringer played by the same actor? After intoducing himself to the stranger, he later appears much younger when he reappears after Joe comes off his mule. Are there two crazy bell... more
    • Re: Crazy bell ringer — John Nudge, Sun Dec 2 10:57am
      • Antonio Moreno played Juan de DiosTom B., Mon Dec 3 9:32am
        I agree with John my database shows Moreno. Baldassarre is definitely wrong.
        • Crazy bell ringerNobody, Mon Dec 3 9:57am
          My point is the Antonio Moreno in the still looks totaly different from the Juan de Dios that welcomes the stranger, 20 years younger. Watch again for yourselves, I only just noticed the change after ... more
          • Re: Crazy bell ringerJohn Nudge, Mon Dec 3 11:56am
            I see what you mean. No doubt a trick of the lighting, which is different in each scene. The movie was filmed over a period of weeks, so he couldn't have aged much. But it's the same actor in both... more
            • Crazy bell ringerNobody, Mon Dec 3 2:49pm
              If you say so then it must be right, you are more of an expert than me. Will get my eyes checked asap.
              • Re: Crazy Bell RingerIndio, Tue Dec 4 1:55pm
                Nobody, I give you credit for even noticing such a difference, and I too have seen the movie dozens of times. I have to check this out myself now just to see what you all are talking about.
                • Antonio MorenoNobody, Wed Dec 5 2:35pm
                  Ok so he was born in 1887 and died 1967 so for me the second bell ringer is no way 75 or so years old, a totally different actor.
                • Indio Nobody, Wed Dec 5 12:28pm
                  Sorry Indio, these new keyboards have a mind of there own.
                • AFODNobody, Wed Dec 5 12:23pm
                  Hey India, I guess that's what happens when you watch any film a lot. I thought that if the actors are different then maybe it was because Antonio Moreno was unavailable. Also when Noname saves the... more
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