Crazy bell ringer
Mon Dec 3, 2018 9:57am

My point is the Antonio Moreno in the still looks totaly different from the Juan de Dios that welcomes the stranger, 20 years younger. Watch again for yourselves, I only just noticed the change after hundreds of views over the last 44 years. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

  • Antonio Moreno played Juan de DiosTom B., Mon Dec 3 9:32am
    I agree with John my database shows Moreno. Baldassarre is definitely wrong.
    • Crazy bell ringer — Nobody, Mon Dec 3 9:57am
      • Re: Crazy bell ringerJohn Nudge, Mon Dec 3 11:56am
        I see what you mean. No doubt a trick of the lighting, which is different in each scene. The movie was filmed over a period of weeks, so he couldn't have aged much. But it's the same actor in both... more
        • Crazy bell ringerNobody, Mon Dec 3 2:49pm
          If you say so then it must be right, you are more of an expert than me. Will get my eyes checked asap.
          • Re: Crazy Bell RingerIndio, Tue Dec 4 1:55pm
            Nobody, I give you credit for even noticing such a difference, and I too have seen the movie dozens of times. I have to check this out myself now just to see what you all are talking about.
            • Antonio MorenoNobody, Wed Dec 5 2:35pm
              Ok so he was born in 1887 and died 1967 so for me the second bell ringer is no way 75 or so years old, a totally different actor.
            • Indio Nobody, Wed Dec 5 12:28pm
              Sorry Indio, these new keyboards have a mind of there own.
            • AFODNobody, Wed Dec 5 12:23pm
              Hey India, I guess that's what happens when you watch any film a lot. I thought that if the actors are different then maybe it was because Antonio Moreno was unavailable. Also when Noname saves the... more
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