Mon Dec 3, 2018 10:11am

Last week on YouTube I searched for The Good,The Bad and The Ugly and a longest version showed up with five views. It says 3 hours 40 minutes but that's impossible. I checked it out and it was a fanedit running at 3hrs 15mins. The fan made a Sicorro sequence, you have to see it to believe it.

    • TGTBATU LinkRodalquilar, Wed Dec 5 7:03am
      • Re: TGTBATU LinkJohn Nudge, Wed Dec 5 11:11am
        Thanks. This appears to be unavailable to watch in the US.
        • TGTBATU FaneditNobody, Wed Dec 5 12:15pm
          Shame it doesn't play in the States. If you like I could watch it again and write a chronological list of the changes...let me know, although I'm sure you guys could get round the block.
    • TGTBATU contNobody, Mon Dec 3 10:20am
      Other differences were the credit sequence, good quality. He swapped the opening scene for Van Cleefs first scene and added the sound of the wind fan from OUATITW into the Al Munlock gundown. Theirs... more
      • Re: TGTBATU contJohn Nudge, Mon Dec 3 6:06pm
        Sounds interesting. Could you post the link?
        • TGTBATU contNobody, Tue Dec 4 11:31am
          Can't post the link with my phone (embarassing) and I don't have a computer with Internet connection. Just type The Good,The Bad and The Ugly (longest version) it shows a still of Tuco. After the... more
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