John Nudge
Re: TGTBATU cont
Mon Dec 3, 2018 6:06pm

Sounds interesting. Could you post the link?

  • TGTBATU contNobody, Mon Dec 3 10:20am
    Other differences were the credit sequence, good quality. He swapped the opening scene for Van Cleefs first scene and added the sound of the wind fan from OUATITW into the Al Munlock gundown. Theirs... more
    • Re: TGTBATU cont — John Nudge, Mon Dec 3 6:06pm
      • TGTBATU contNobody, Tue Dec 4 11:31am
        Can't post the link with my phone (embarassing) and I don't have a computer with Internet connection. Just type The Good,The Bad and The Ugly (longest version) it shows a still of Tuco. After the... more
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