Tue Dec 4, 2018 11:23am

Yes of course more backround. I have never seen Blind Justice, looking forward to seeing it. Watched Big Jake last night one of my many favourite American westerns.

  • Uncut versionTom B., Tue Dec 4 10:02am
    Gives more of an in depth background to the story. Tony told Bill Connolly that the contacts he had to wear were very painful and he developed an eye infection from using them so a sequel was out of... more
    • uncutTwo Gun Jordan, Wed Dec 5 10:43pm
      you get more blood, more boobies. more back story. But, I wonder what ever became of that HORSE! Man, that was maybe the most talented Hollywood horse I'd seen in a long long time. Did it make other... more
    • BlindmanNobody, Wed Dec 5 1:01pm
      I guess I'm just use to the cut version, I don't dislike the uncut, it's just like a lot of fans who don't like the fuller version of TGTBATU, because they have the shorter version imprinted on there ... more
    • Blindman — Nobody, Tue Dec 4 11:23am
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