Richard Oravitz
Book delay
Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:20am

As the release date drew closer I was afraid something like this was going to happen. I've had it in my Amazon pre-purchase cart for what seems like forever. Guess I'll have to tell Amazon again that I still want it whenever it finally gets released. At least it'll be at a good pre-order price. And as we somehow manage to keep getting a year older (those of us born around 1950), we know all too well how fast time passes in a contracting life span, and June will be upon us in no time at all.

On a different note I see that cheap-o ALPHA DVD at has been putting out Spaghetti Western double features on their budget ($5.99) label. These include HIS NAME WAS KING/MOMENT TO KILL, FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE/THE PROUD AND THE DAMNED(not a SW), SARTANA, PRAY FOR YOUR DEATH/SARTANA TRADE YOUR GUNS FOR A COFFIN. There's also a War double feature, HELL IN NORMANDY/FIVE FOR HELL.
ALPHA isn't a restoration company and tends to put out whatever they come up with. But could they have come up with nice widescreen prints? I doubt it but thought I'd pass along the info in case anyone wanted to take the chance or be on the lookout for other upcoming releases.

  • Howard Hughes book delayed againTom B., Wed Jan 23 10:31pm
    Latest release date is June 30, 2019... more
    • Book delay — Richard Oravitz, Thu Jan 24 8:20am
      • Re: Book delayIndio, Thu Jan 24 1:48pm
        Richard, I too have had this book on pre-order with Amazon (it will be a year in April). You're right, all we can do is wait. And I also noticed Alpha videos "new" titles. They have Death Rides A... more
    • Re: Howard Hughes book delayed againLou Pecci, Thu Jan 24 6:23am
      Looks like a good one!
      • Howard Hughes book delayedIndio, Sat Jan 26 1:47pm
        Lou,are you the same Lou Pecci of the two SPAGHETTI WESTERN THEMES ON NYLON STRING GUITAR cd's? I have both volumes I and II. I love your work. I play them in my car every so often. Your renditions... more
        • Re: Howard Hughes book delayedLou Pecci, Sun Jan 27 7:56am
          Hi Indio Yes, that's me...thank you! I'm working on a Volume 3 at the moment, hope to have it out by May or June at the latest.
      • Book DelayTom B., Thu Jan 24 10:27am
        Howard told me six months ago this would most likely happen as the publisher he originally used was bought by another publisher and they would reset priorities on what books they wanted to get out.
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