Re: one after the other
Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:20am

John I too have the WESTERNS UNCHAINED Blu-Ray. I agree the quality of some of the transfers is spotty but I grabbed it up because it had some titles I never owned before, like One After The Other. I just checked the year the compilation was released, and it was 2012. It no doubt cashed in on the popularity of Tarantino's Django Unchained which was released around that time. Even the cover which you depict is from the German Django poster, also from re-used in Texas Adios. I will have to watch One After The Other soon as it's been a while.

  • Re: one after the otherJohn Nudge, Wed Jan 9 10:51am
    It's on the Blu-ray compilation WESTERNS UNCHAINED if you can find it. It's in widescreen, but the quality is mediocre (the single disk contains 25 Spaghetti Westerns). It's OOP and some hucksters... more
    • Re: one after the other — Indio, Wed Feb 13 11:20am
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