Fajardo as voice actor
Mon Jul 8, 2019 4:21am

Fajardo never fully abandoned his career as a voice actor. In one SW with John Ireland, he was Ireland's voice; he himself appeared in the silent role of a madman. In the late seventies, he resumed his coice acting. He did Patrick Magee in the Spanish-language version of DEMONS OF THE MIND and Michael Hordern in GANDHI.

  • RIP Eduardo FajardoTom B., Thu Jul 4 10:43am
    One of the leading actors of the Spaghetti western genre Eduardo Fajardo, died in Mexico on July 4, 2019 at the age of 94. Born in Meis, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain on August 14, 1924 his family moved ... more
    • Re: RIP Eduardo FajardoIndio, Tue Jul 9 2:06pm
      Very big loss. He was an underrated icon of the genre. I didn't realize how extensive his credits were. Rest in Peace. Thanks Tom for listing all his credits and his character's names. I will... more
    • Mr. Fajardoswfreak, Mon Jul 8 8:00am
      this is most upsetting as he was one of my favorites and he still is. My favorite SW movie with Eduardo Fajardo in is Ringo, the Face of Revenge.
      • Re: Eduardo FajardoIndio , Tue Jul 9 2:13pm
        Btw, I was just listening to the soundtrack track to Dead Men Ride from 1971 by Bruno Nicolai. Very good score.
    • Fajardo as voice actor — Nzoog, Mon Jul 8 4:21am
    • Re: RIP Eduardo FajardoJohn Nudge, Sun Jul 7 3:36pm
      I lived in a town where few Spaghetti Westerns graced our theater screens, and not too many were shown on TV. Thus I never saw Fajardo in any film until I rented DJANGO on a VHS tape around 1985. I... more
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