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Hello, all
Thu Oct 2, 2014 11:49

I can't believe I am attemtpting to bring some llfe back to this place!

But if it works, great!


    • Yahoo Someone's here!HollyDolly, Fri Oct 10 11:13
      Hi Pablo,I do check in from time to time. Do you hear from Chuck or Jerry? Man I miss the old days. Seems like a lot of the discussion forums about ghosts don't have many visitors any more.Now the... more
      • Re: Yahoo Someone's here!Thor, Sat Dec 13 23:11
        Nice to see that someone is keeping the site open. Never know when it might be needed for communication purposes.
        • Hey ThorHolly Dolly, Mon Dec 15 05:33
          I still check into from time to time. Once in awhile Pablo shows up. I miss the crew. Hopefully people will start checking in again.
      • bestpablo, Sun Nov 2 14:29
        Summer we have had for for six years. Apparently we are about to have our worst winter for one hundred years! I'll keep yo informed, holly dolly, if I can. Lol
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