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Yahoo Someone's here!
Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:13

Hi Pablo,I do check in from time to time. Do you hear from Chuck or Jerry? Man I miss the old days. Seems like a lot of the discussion forums about ghosts don't have many visitors any more.Now the one run by TAPS has visitors,and Unexplained Mysteries also has visitors.Of course they talk about other subjects too.
How's the weather over there? We are supposed to get rain this weekend.

  • Hello, allpablo, Thu Oct 2 11:49
    I can't believe I am attemtpting to bring some llfe back to this place! But if it works, great! Pabs
    • Yahoo Someone's here! — HollyDolly, Fri Oct 10 11:13
      • Re: Yahoo Someone's here!Thor, Sat Dec 13 23:11
        Nice to see that someone is keeping the site open. Never know when it might be needed for communication purposes.
        • Hey ThorHolly Dolly, Mon Dec 15 05:33
          I still check into from time to time. Once in awhile Pablo shows up. I miss the crew. Hopefully people will start checking in again.
      • bestpablo, Sun Nov 2 14:29
        Summer we have had for for six years. Apparently we are about to have our worst winter for one hundred years! I'll keep yo informed, holly dolly, if I can. Lol
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