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Re: testing
Sat Feb 21, 2015 22:51

Testing for what? The depth of the snow in your area.

  • testingChuck, Sat Feb 21 11:07
    one, two, three, four, ein, zwie, drei, vier ichi, ni, san, shi
    • Re: testing — Thor, Sat Feb 21 22:51
      • Couldn't thinkChuck, Sun Feb 22 12:06
        of anything else to post. About a foot of snow so far and more expected. It's warming up though, so won't last long.
        • hopepablo, Sun Apr 5 15:08
          all is well with everyone. good and bad habits take a while to get over. pablo
          • Good here, so far anyway....Chuck, Sun Apr 5 18:03
            Check each morning to see if I'm breathing. As of right now anyway, I seem to be still alive.
            • justpablo, Wed Apr 8 14:06
              breathe on a mirror mate, that's always a good indicator, I believe. lol good to hear from someone; oddly enough ..... hope you and missus are both good, Chuck. pabs
              • Doing okay here. Spring finallyChuck, Wed Apr 8 17:03
                showing up and winter fading away. I check in here periodically just to see if there's any life left on this old board. I think it's about done for Pablo.
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