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Sill Here
Thu May 7, 2015 10:41

Hi guys.Sorry i haven't been here lately. Been busy with work but I check in from time to time.
Had a few spooky things happen at TJMAXX a week ago.
Was in the back room laying clothees out to be hung. Karen the manager on duty was straigthing up the back room because the district manager was coming for a visit the next day. Well
we were working,and all of a sudden we hear the fan on the table next to the back door come on full blast. Neither one of us were any where near it!
Then later on, at the end of the night when time to leave,Pat ,Sherry and I were waiting for the other associates to come up front. Pat said she was going to look at purses.Then while she was over in purses, Sherry and I heard someone knocking. She asked if I heard it.I replied yes, but I don't see anyone outside. We asked Pat if she heard it when she came over and said yes.
Then when Karen was going to set the alarm, she told Pat to let us out. Our alarm works were if there is any movement,the alarm won't set.
Found out later on Karen told me that she thought she had closed the office door ,but it was open. Weird,Huh?

  • I'd be for getting this place going againChuck, Fri Apr 10 14:22
    No way to contact any of the old crowd though. I don't think most former posters read this place now. It's an abandoned site. Chances are it'll be here the rest of our lives. If you have a way to... more
    • i wish,pablo, Sat May 16 12:33
      I had old contacts but I don't. i'm staying for certain. just not as much as I did. it's been a long journey since I first came here. I know it was before the new millennium but you chuck I think... more
    • Sill Here — HollyDolly, Thu May 7 10:41
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