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i wish,
Sat May 16, 2015 12:33

I had old contacts but I don't. i'm staying for certain. just not as much as I did. it's been a long journey since I first came here. I know it was before the new millennium but you chuck I think were here before the previous one! (no offence intended)


  • I'd be for getting this place going againChuck, Fri Apr 10 14:22
    No way to contact any of the old crowd though. I don't think most former posters read this place now. It's an abandoned site. Chances are it'll be here the rest of our lives. If you have a way to... more
    • Sill HereHollyDolly, Thu May 7 10:41
      Hi guys.Sorry i haven't been here lately. Been busy with work but I check in from time to time. Had a few spooky things happen at TJMAXX a week ago. Was in the back room laying clothees out to be... more
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