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Jerry Talbert
Hello again
Tue Mar 7, 2017 21:56

Hi guys it's great to be back. Good to see Chuck, Cali and of course Pablo. Many years ago I gave Chuck a story my 12yr son wrote. He's married now, got his Master's, and teaching high school English. Man where has the time gone?

    • Re: Hello againMiranda, Wed May 31 08:31
      Hi! I think i used to post here as grania?
      • I think so, but it's been a lot of yearsChuck, Sat Jun 3 09:56
        and this joint is barely on life support anymore. There's been more activity in the last month than the last year. I keep hoping some of the old crowd will rediscover it.
    • Glad to see life hereHolly Dolly, Wed May 24 10:20
      Wow, glad to see folks are still alive here. Check in now and then . Great about your son Jerry. Yeah school will soon be out for the summer. Man don't know how it is by you but my area has just... more
      • I still drop by a couple of times a weekChuck, Wed May 24 18:59
        I might start posting some things here just to keep it alive. Some might generate conversation, but I'm not sure anyone but the few of us in this thread even know this place still exists.
    • Jerry, good to see you. Credit Pablo'sChuck, Tue Mar 14 11:25
      stubbornness for this. I wanted to be the last one to post. He kept coming in after me, and somehow life returned to this ancient board.
      • A board fullpablo martyn, Fri Sep 29 08:17
        of ancients on an ancient board. Has a certain ring to it, Chuck. It all sort of fits! Pabs
    • Nice to see youck Jerry. Thankyoupablo, Wed Mar 8 01:34
      for your kind words my friend. It's been a roller coaster but I'm getting there. Good job I can cook and clean and make a bed. Pabs
      • that's back lol. (nm)pablo, Wed Mar 8 01:35
        • Stubborn moi?pablo, Mon Mar 20 12:03
          Maybe but I'm rubbish in a shit kicking competition! LOL Great though to see some good old names back here. Now all we need is some ghost tales. Anyone wanna go first? Pabs
          • Don't have any ghost stories that IChuck, Tue Mar 21 18:32
            haven't mentioned here before. I mean, just go back 4 or 5 yrs, you'll find them. Six yrs? Seven?
            • Dead Files and Ghost AdventuresHollyDolly, Wed May 24 10:23
              Anyone watch Ghost Adventures or Dead Files? I l;ike them both.By the way Jerry GA did an investigation at the Sallie House. Did you watch it and what did you think of it?
              • Re: Dead Files and Ghost AdventuresJerry Talbert, Thu Sep 28 16:36
                Sorry on the delay Holly Dolly. Yes I watched it and it sure was worthless. You have a liar like Zak always pulling stunts, how can you believe anything he said?
                • Not surepablo martyn, Thu Sep 28 16:40
                  I've seen any of them myself. The Brit prog' turned into a bit of a farce. It was a shame. They did actually visit some places with real history of hauntings. Pablo
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