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pablo martyn
Brian, if you're about ??
Thu Sep 28, 2017 13:42

I need a favour buddy, a small one please.
I'll check in to see if you turn up.


    • I don't think manypablo martyn, Thu Sep 28 16:22
      have URL thingy any more. It's a shame. We had a lot of arguments and a lot of fun here also. A lot of information too. Chuck you must be coming up to around twenty five years I reckon, maybe more.... more
      • I'm coming up on my 21stChuck, Fri Sep 29 09:36
        year here this October. It was 1996 when I found this place and it was so busy back then you could barely keep up. You remember how it was. Jim? I'll have to do some checking later. No idea if he's... more
        • I thoughtpablo martyn, Fri Sep 29 15:34
          it was longer than that but I do remember you stating that date before, so I'm exaggerating but it must be fifteen at least since I came here. Pabs
          • I'd say 14 or 15 yrs for youChuck, Sat Sep 30 10:22
            Any way you look at it, this old board has been around longer than most. I think it was abandoned not long after you arrived, we just never knew it. Lots of fun, lots of fights, lots of people came... more
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