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The cloud is safe, for now. I use
Fri Sep 29, 2017 09:39

Google Drive and OneDrive. No problems yet, but I also encrypt everything before putting it up there because some day it will get hacked.

  • Well Jerry, thank-you pablo martyn, Thu Sep 28 16:52
    for remembering that. My youngest lad achieved his degree at Uni and has put it all on 'Cloud', no idea what he's talking about but it's safe. It backs up my work every seven days and I can pull it... more
    • The cloud is safe, for now. I use — Chuck, Fri Sep 29 09:39
      • Cloud. Unfortunatelypablo martyn, Fri Sep 29 15:32
        you are almost certainly right Chuck. They eventually find a way somehow. It's like never-ending isn't it. I had a scammer Thursday and they went to every length to get me to spend money. I just told ... more
        • Jim Kidd. Best I can findChuck, Sat Sep 30 10:33
          he's still with us. If I found the right Jim Kidd, lived in Tombstone, Tucson, and now Sierra Vista Arizona, he's pushing or at 91. There are quite a few people with that name in Arizona, but only... more
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