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Hey Chuck
Sat Sep 30, 2017 06:32

Do you remember you asking me to send you some of my son's writings because you wanted to get a sample of the way a 12 yr old reads like. My son is married now, has his Master's in English, and is teaching in Nebraska. Like myself he writes horror and he has a book about finished but he needs to do a couple of more rewrites. Of course I have made the mistake of asking him about how to write a story about the Sallie House. Now my son is always telling me how wrong I am. Now I know what I did to my own dad. The difference was my dad had an 8th grade education. Well I started to try to write a script when I decided it would be easier to write a rough story first. I was trying to get my daughter involved but I think I have to get more writing done on it. I am really stuck though. We both agree that we don't want to do the same old style for a haunted house. Movies like The Others and The Sixth Sense are gimmick driven and neat to watch the first time. But it's movies like The Conjuring or Amityville Horror that remain as Staples of the horror genre.i guess I just have to write it out but I have a problem, This is where my son came in and told me to keep it simple, but that's not me. As a 12 yr old I was writing very much like Stephen King, just not as good. And like King I find that I enjoy writing when I let the characters tell the story. I never used outlines and I have to wait till the end before even I know what is going to happen.

    • I'd say start with an ideaChuck, Sat Sep 30 10:15
      a beginning and hopefully an end. Too often I have a beginning and haven't a clue how it will end. Each day I've got a rough idea what I want to do, and each day the characters have different ideas.... more
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