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Jerry Talbert
Sat Sep 30, 2017 06:47

Did you get flooded out? It sure messed up a lot of people even in other states.

  • Reference ParanormalHollyDolly, Fri Sep 29 14:20
    Glad to see you all are still around. Sorry you can't post your findings Jerry because of fears people might steal your stuff. By the way did you see the Ghost Adventures episode where they visited... more
    • Hurricane — Jerry Talbert, Sat Sep 30 06:47
      • Re: HurricaneHollyDolly, Mon Oct 2 06:56
        No we didn't get flooded out.The Rockp[ort area is about 200 miles or so south of me, and Houston is probably the same distance, but we were okay here, though we did have heavy rain.
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