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I'd say start with an idea
Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:15

a beginning and hopefully an end. Too often I have a beginning and haven't a clue how it will end. Each day I've got a rough idea what I want to do, and each day the characters have different ideas. They do take over a story, and in most cases it's better than the ideas I started with. I've got something I'm doing now that isn't following my plan. Those people in it won't obey me, thus I haven't a clue from day to day what's going to happen, and I don't know how, when, or if it will ever end.

For the writing itself, there are some great programs out there now that can help edit. Much better than in the old days. There are paid and free. One of the free ones is!home

I used it until I bought something called ProWritingAid. It's an editor and, believe it or not, my writing has gotten much tighter than in the past. Whether the story is any better is another matter. It edits sentences, paragraphs, etc. It won't write the story for you.

Take a look at slickwrite first. I think it allows something like 3000 words at a time, but it does work. Paid ProWritingAid allows a whole book if you're done. I recommend chapters, otherwise it'll bog down. Slickwrite is very good, and very humbling. I never realized I wrote crap until I began with it, then got ProWritingAid, which is almost the same only offering more features.

  • Hey ChuckJerry Talbert, Sat Sep 30 06:32
    Do you remember you asking me to send you some of my son's writings because you wanted to get a sample of the way a 12 yr old reads like. My son is married now, has his Master's in English, and is... more
    • I'd say start with an idea — Chuck, Sat Sep 30 10:15
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