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Mon Nov 27, 2017 09:19

buzzing. More like gasping.

I'm not sure life took over as much as this site was cut from the Clanton gang site, if IT even still exists. Nobody knew about it, so no new people came.

Lots of fun back then.

  • would be buzzing with people posting . What happened to everybody ? Used to be such a fun place . I guess life just took over us . I have spent the last 13 years playing with my grandchildren and... more
    • Hardly — Chuck, Mon Nov 27 09:19
      • I went back a few pages Karen , Mon Nov 27 21:31
        Looks like somebody will post once every few months or so . Seen where Paddy posted for awhile . We used to have so much fun on here . Always something happening . I wonder why they cut from the clan ... more
        • Yeah, a couple of us check in andChuck, Tue Nov 28 13:45
          leave a post every so often. This site will never be what it was 20 yrs ago, but if several of us can keep hitting it, maybe others will come back. is still around. I checked last... more
          • Jim KiddKaren, Wed Nov 29 20:53
            Is pretty well up in age now . I do miss his posts. he kept us on our toes that's for sure. he could be sweet as honey one minute and meaner than a rattlesnake he next LOL. I keep trying to remember... more
            • There's one James L KiddChuck, Thu Nov 30 08:56
              in Sierra Vista that fits. He's 91 and previously lived in Washington DC and Tombstone. He's got 3 kids or relatives, Janice Kidd, Jeanne Kidd, and Jan Kidd. It gives you that much info on a tease,... more
              • that would be him Karen, Thu Nov 30 17:33
                I think he is living with one of his daughters, or lest he was . He has a facebook account but hasn't posted in a few years. what have you and Linda been up to . Not much here just the same ole same... more
                • We are up in Maine with Linda'sChuck, Thu Nov 30 18:28
                  mother. She's 89 and too old to live alone. Friends are looking after our house. I guess we'll be here for the duration. It's a whole different world up here. I'm gradually getting used to all the... more
                  • We used to have a time karen, Thu Nov 30 19:48
                    talking . So much fun teasing Jim and getting him riled up LOL ! I dont know if I could live way up north but at least it isnt New York . I have heard Maine is beautiful and nice and cold .It would... more
                    • Lot of funChuck, Thu Nov 30 19:57
                      in a lot of ways back then. We're good to handle things here unless something really bad happens. Then, of course, you do what has to be done. Maine is nice, and super cold farther north. Here, zero... more
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