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We used to have a time
Thu Nov 30, 2017 19:48

talking . So much fun teasing Jim and getting him riled up LOL !
I dont know if I could live way up north but at least it isnt New York . I have heard Maine is beautiful and nice and cold .It would take getting use to .
I was thinking of getting my metal detector out and going over some places .
Phil's mom is also 89 and unable to care for herself . her husband just had surgery on his neck and is also unable to care for her . He wont listen to a thing you tell him so the state is taking over her . She is going into a nursing home and he will be left alone in the house . not able to do much for himself but he doesnt listen .

  • We are up in Maine with Linda'sChuck, Thu Nov 30 18:28
    mother. She's 89 and too old to live alone. Friends are looking after our house. I guess we'll be here for the duration. It's a whole different world up here. I'm gradually getting used to all the... more
    • We used to have a time — karen, Thu Nov 30 19:48
      • Lot of funChuck, Thu Nov 30 19:57
        in a lot of ways back then. We're good to handle things here unless something really bad happens. Then, of course, you do what has to be done. Maine is nice, and super cold farther north. Here, zero... more
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