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Being in Maine is as much fun as
Fri Dec 1, 2017 18:22

home in New Mexico. Today, I had my third car with out of staters asking for directions. I told them, and haven't a clue where I sent them. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the other 2 cars.

    • That will teach them Karen, Fri Dec 1 20:16
      hahahahahaaaaaaa !!!!! too funny
      • GPS units are cheap these daysChuck, Sun Dec 3 14:29
        and they're pretty accurate getting drivers from here to wherever the quickest way. No need to ask anymore, so I think I did them a favor by giving them directions to places I've never heard of.
        • I will have to agree Chuck Karen, Tue Dec 5 21:38
          I bet they are not thankful one bit though !! Wouldnt surprise me if they let out a few cuss words , people nowadays are just not grateful for the favors others do for them . I do hope they came away ... more
          • Sure, they'll beChuck, Wed Dec 6 19:31
            ungrateful and cuss me behind my back. They won't appreciate what I did for them. I'll bet they saw scenic parts of Maine I've never seen - which wouldn't be too difficult. I've been to old houses... more
            • Metal detecting is so much funKaren, Mon Dec 11 19:23
              even if you dont find much . I just may take mine down to North Carolina . check around their yard and woods behind the house . Maybe go up to his aunts house and look around .
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