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Detecting up here is over until
Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:11

spring. I had a couple of places I wanted to check but snow, frozen ground, more snow and now ice on top of it put everything on hold.

Right now, at 1:15 in the afternoon, it's 14 degrees outside. Everything frozen solid out there. But, that's New England.

I thought I'd mention, there's a Yankee soldier statue downtown. Nobody has protested it being there. I might. I find it offensive.

  • I have found a few coinsKaren, Thu Dec 14 21:59
    but i haven't been out hunting in a couple of years . i have permission to metal detect across from the old civil war hospital. Maybe i will go over there this coming week. Yes here in the east trees ... more
    • Detecting up here is over until — Chuck, Fri Dec 15 10:11
      • RUN dont walk Karen, Sat Dec 16 22:36
        and throw a tarp over that thing !!!!!! Then if you are able and not to frightened over seeing it, call 911 and report that you have seen a statue !!!! You can never be to careful if you see one as... more
        • I am Chuck, Sun Dec 17 13:21
          traumatized every time I see it. That figure, in Yankee uniform, gun in hand, standing up there on a pedestal glaring out over the street. It's unsettling, fearful, and painful to see. Even looking... more
          • Oppression is what it is karen, Mon Dec 18 20:56
            This must be Trump's fault !!!! He must be to blame for this statue being there causing pain and suffering . Have we not suffered enough ! Do we have to be reminded of the pain our forefathers went... more
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