I'm going back
Tue Jul 3, 2018 14:43

to Tombstone. Hopefully in October for the anniversary. It has been twenty years since I went there and I can't wait to re-visit. Pabs

    • been thinking about that myselfKaren, Tue Jul 31 19:22
      I miss the town
      • I'd like to get back againChuck, Sat Aug 18 14:49
        just to see what's different. At the moment, I'm busy being banned from posting on Facebook on my regular account. Seems they don't like me telling it like it is about Arabs, islam, and what they're... more
        • Wrote you on F B, Chuck.Pablo, Sun Sep 23 02:22
          I couldn't get on the forum here, so thought it had finally expired, obviously not! lol Looks like my trip to Tombstone won't take place until the new year. Gotta find another daft enough to... more
          • I can't believePablo, Sun Sep 23 13:12
            it was twenty years ago. My youngest was nine. He's twenty nine now. Scary! He actually had to go to school in Tombstone as his school here were not happy for him to take time out during term-time in ... more
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