33rd Americas Cup NoR
Sat Nov 28, 2009 00:43

I'm doing a Race Management Course course this weekend, been doing it a long time but theses days you need a piece of paper to wipe your bahooky. Thought I would look at some important Notice of Races out of interest and there ain't any bigger than the NoR for the 33rd America's Cup Match between Alinghi and USA.

"Section 3 ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY" defines the "Golden Gate Yacht Club" as ("GGYC").

It goes on in the paragraph;

"6.2 Measurement and Inspection" : "Days and Dates" (a) GYYC shall present the USA for measurement...."

It seems that despite all those millions in lawyers and computers they still make mistakes. I suppose they are only human.

Page 29 details a chart of the race area off Valencia showing the city of Valencia, lats, longs, bathymetry .... and the pub, the "Tavernes De La Valldigna". I suppose the important things aren't overlooked.

    • Race Wot?Marine Blast, Thu Dec 3 20:41
      Pete I have to say that I thought this would have turned out to be a global tread by now? I thought your obsevations were brilliant.As you say or point out in yor very modest way just how much money... more
      • Why not?Pete/., Fri Dec 4 22:36
        ...yeah -jus' do it!
      • Top Yachtingcamshy, Thu Dec 3 22:12
        Go On get it up on Sailing Anarchy and mention "Get your Notice of Race Right - Do it the Wright Way" brilliant observation Pete. I wonder how many of these rock stars spotted the error.
        • Pete is a Very Clever guyMarine Blast, Fri Dec 4 08:46
          Yes Camshy, I think thats a perfect idea,and its now on as a topic on Sailing Anarchy.......Pete is great isn't he?
          • linkdane, Mon Dec 7 15:23
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