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Wed Apr 1, 2009 5:59pm (XFF:

Lualiri gained conciousness, who looked around his ship when he could walk.

"Corbet leece." He commented happily. Everything seemed in order and undamaged.

"Sma-" He looked over at his TRANSL Device, it seemed to be damaged. It was picking up nasty static.

"Morec-tec," he sighed. He tried getting out of his ship, only to near burn to death.

"Recor!" He screamed and jumped back into his ship, skin orange (The Choguber species inhale nitrogen, the chemical reaction of nitrogen and iron has an orange pigmentation.)

It was as hot as hell out there! Lauliari wondered how he didn't fry out there. In his solar system, the sun was black, the Choguber species eyes can see through any sort of light intensity, so the light outside wasn't a problem.

But it was 8 times as cold as the lowest temperature on Earth on a warm day in Chogolis. The Chogubers had blood that is past the bowling point of a baseball to adjust to the cold, so it wasn't the heat outside, rather, the temperature of his own blood combined with the heat.

Then Lauliari remebered, his ship was set with a thermostat kept at room temperature in Chogolis unless the heat in a different solar system is too much. He tried many times to leave his ship after he cooled down, and eventually it worked, because unbeknownst to Lauliari, or the rest of his planet, their blood temperature adjust to heat as our eyes do to light.

When he ventured out, he saw many living beings straining or bulging their eyes at him.

"Werat ti refid beneraz ders-geralt dicuta?" He thought to himself.

These creatures were so ugly! He could barely stand the sight of them!

"Lopette defit tec veb giot ret yu" he grunted.

He came across a small, strange structure, (a garage) he went inside to find many different machines with handles and seats. He began expecting them.

"Hey!" he heard one of those peculiar things shout.

He 180'd his head to see who was shouting, a confused, frightened look on his face.

"Het mis op feraltz ub teh defr, herose ters fettle sakros im oi ik tis hej ty wettrolc." he thought.

"Oh, you look scared." The person's features softened.

"I'm Glitch, who are you? Are you okay? Do you understand me?" Lauliari couldn't make head nor tail of it, then he remembered the TRANSL Device, he brought it with him hoping it worked.

Lauliari stuck the TRANSL in is ears, he could understand now.

"Me, Glitch." Glitch said.

Lauliari think he knew what he wanted him to do.

"Me, Lauliari!" he said.

"Great!" Glitch beamed.

"We're making progress! Here, come with me, I'll show you around!" Glitched dragged Lauliari away to give him a tour of the FR.

Corbet leece=All good

Sma= short for Smahlt, means what

Morec tec=Oh well

Recor= not really a curse that can be translated, it's the name of a culture that is frowned upon in Chogolis

Werat ti refid beneraz ders-geralt dicuta= What's wrong with all these ugly-ass beings

Lopette defit tec veb giot ret yu= might as well get used to it.

Het mis op feraltz ub teh defr, herose ters fettle sakros im oi ik tis hej ty wettrolc= I forgot my weapons in the ship, perhaps it will pity me if I pull this face.

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      • Getting settled inLauliari, Mon Apr 6 4:11pm
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          NRP: Just for the record I know "salvagation" isn't a word, rather, "salvage" and, "salvation" are, and just to let you know, if Lauliari curses, think of "Recor" as "son of a bitch" and "Recorok" as ... more
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