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Mon Apr 6, 2009 9:27am (XFF:

Lock yawned as he walked out of his room. He had finished another morning training session. Unlike most recruits though, Lock didn't mind the training. He'd done plenty of that while training for the Naval Air force. Heck, even Sarge was slightly impressed by the recruit's lack of complaining and otherwise above normal performance.

"Gezz... what to do what to do." Solo missions for rookies weren't exactly all that common anymore, and he wanted to gain some trust and experience around the base before he did anything major like using the spare parts in the garage or start missions on his own.

Deciding that doing nothing wasn't going to get him anywhere, he walked over to the bar to see if anything was going on he could join up on, he didn't need cash right away, but he could use some as he spent a lot to bring over all his stuff from his home in Europe.

It was somewhere in between the bar and the rooms in a wide open space that was used for training that Lock spotted something that jarred his mind. His mind combined and re-worked all the possibilities of what this genetic abomination was. Insect, Dino, Bird, Mammal, Marsupial, and Fish DNA seemed to be present... It was like some insane graduate student research project for a thesis and paper on the mechanics and methods of combining DNA from different parts of the animal kingdom on the great tree of genetic relatedness. His mind started to process all the data in a blur, his head becoming dizzy as his mental processor overclocked itself in an attempt to figure out exactly what he was looking at. The fact it had no neck also didn't quite go well with him... just one more thing to be confused at.

Oh, and Glitch was nearby to, giving this... creature a tour of the base. Lock shook his head and loosened up in an attempt to stave off the faintness that was overcoming him.

"Deculture." Lock said in part disgust and part confusion. The disgust wasn't at the thing he was seeing, but rather at the feeling of uncomfortableness in his head and body that came from trying to understand everything he saw.

Glitch, having now sported Lock, walked over to the Merc, "Hey, mind giving him more of a tour of this place? I really need to go back to the hanger... got to make sure nobody is harming my bikes." With that Glitch moved away and back to his precious collection of bikes, apparently the mechanic got jittery at leaving his babies alone in the open area without protection.

Lock now stared up at the beast and smiled, his body mostly over the shock of the meeting, "Hey, I'm Lock, and you are...?"

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