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Getting settled in
Mon Apr 6, 2009 4:11pm (XFF:

NRP: In my last post, I don't know how I missed it, it says, "It was hot as hell out there! Lauliari wondered how he didn't fry out there." obviously the situation of him burning outside was already addressed, what it was supposed to say was, "It was hot as hell out there! Lauliari wondered why he didn't fry inside of his ship." Now, back to the task at hand.

RP: Lauliari studied the creature, wondering if he'd see anything other than his kind on this planet, although, he did notice a significant difference on the person of some beings. Outside, it looked like they were mostly wearing woven objects, once inside, he noticed they were all wearing some sort of metalloid.

Once familiarized with this new being, Lauliari boasted his name proudly.

"Me, Lauliari!" he shouted, jarring Lock's ears.

"Yes, well," Lock's head was still ringing,

"Over here we have," Lock gave Lauliari the best tour that he could, but Lauliari seemed puzzled.

"Well, Lauliari, let me explain this place, Freelance Reploids, to you." Lock said.

Lauliari looked at Lock curiously, awaiting further information.

"Freelance Reploids is a group of mercenaries, we work here and live here, every so often there is a mission, and whoever participates gets money, there is often alot of destruction and killing involved."

Lauliari's face lit up when he heard, "destruction and killing," he wondered if there were any children to eat and any women to wet his ramhorn on these "missions."

Lock grinned, "Well, looks like you'd enjoy it here, would you like to be a merc?"

Lauliari eagerly shook his head, a duck-bill smile on his face.

"Well, Kail is on leave, we'll tell him about your staying here when he gets back." Lock said.

"Until then, I'll send you to some empty barracks."

Lock lead Lauliari to some barracks, Lauliari frowned when he saw what was on the ground.

Three dead bodies, one big, white one in metallic clothing, a slim, shadowy figure, and an ugly, purple child.

Lauliari contemplated whether or not it was safe to eat the child, when Lock chimed in,

"Um, I'll call for someone to pick that up, until then, try to get settled."

NRP: Yes, Lauliari's ram horn serves as his cock, and if you're wondering, "Why the hell would Lauliari wanna screw an earth chick if he thought she was ugly." although it's interplanetary to think if something's nice to look at, and Lauliari could be attracted to a woman of his species, physical attraction has nothing to do with his species's mating rituals, only the sexual pleasure, in other words, beer is not needed to get ugly people laid, not on his planet.

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