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Shadow Star
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...
Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:58am (XFF:

“…Crap. I just got this armor fixed, too.” grumbled Shadow Star. He turned to Liska, who he saw was pulling herself up from behind a craps table. “You make sure no one hits those two, a’ight? I don’t need a goddamn ceiling coming down on me again.” he ordered as he transformed and sped out from his cover position near Shinsei.

“Who the hell does he think he is?!” Liska exasperated as she watched the former Freelancer head after Arin and Cylecks, who had also gone further into the Casino to help move out more of the patrons. Instantly she felt a chill run down her spine as a vice-like grip wrapped around her ankle. The soldier she had clocked a few moments earlier had recovered already! Her eyes widened as she realized the completely armored figure’s unnatural strength was that of a reploid; it had been impossible to tell earlier with the full-body armor. Liska’s Flare arm was still too damaged to use for close combat; she attempted to bring her shotgun to bear, only loose her balance in an instant as the reploid soldier’s ferocious strength slammed her into the tile floor on his other side. Without letting go, the soldier pulled himself to his feet and slammed Liska into a nearby wall, continually refusing to give her even a moment’s rest to get a handle or her weapon.

“Now we see if I can’t break the cutie.” The masked reploid growled, swinging Liska like a rag-doll onto the craps table, breaking it in half. He was careful never to let go of the Freelancer’s leg.

“Chyort voz'mi!” Axel swore as he saw the situation unfold. His artificial muscles strained against beam as gravity relentlessly attempted to bring the third floor of the Troy down on top of all of them. He barked a new order over the Freelancer commset. “We need someone over here right NOW!”


Shade grimaced as his cover position was peppered with plasma shots. “I’m afraid we’re a little tied up out here!” he answered back over the communicator, watching Zeo recklessly engage in combat with Shade’s omnium blade. The berserker had become a whirlwind of death, moving fast and unpredictably. The close combat with Holstier’s soldiers had disrupted their ability to use their plasma cannons against him effectively, and Shade’s sword neatly bisected any inferior armor it came up against. As for Zeo, he either couldn’t hear Axel’s orders or didn’t care.

He grunted as he checked the charges left on his Plasma Pistols; he was down to his last few clips. I guess that’s what I get for going on the B33R Run unprepared… He’d just have to make sure these next few shots counted.


“Dalton, tell me some good news.” Said Arin over his private security comm.

“Demolition’s teams diffused the other bombs those mobsters set, for what it’s worth.” Came a gruff voice over the communicator. “Th’ support beams and the emergency force-fields aren’t going to hold up the third floor much longer, though. We’re getting the last group of patrons from the ground floor out right now-“

“Ah, I see you.” Arin cut him off as Dalton’s group rounded the corner and make their way into the main lobby. He turned to Cylecks, who was surprisingly enough keeping pace. “A’ight boyo, this is th’ last group from this floor, You leave th’ rest to me an’ my-“

Arin was interrupted as the ceiling gave a loud groan, and collapsed between them and the security team. “DAMMIT!” cried out Cylecks as his rockbeast core flared to life. “We don’t have time for this!

“Chill, Knight-boy, I got this.” Said a familiar voice from behind him. Shadow Star’s metal star form rolled right up to the debris, where he transformed and placed one of his signature Shadow Bombs.

“Hey, there are other people on the side of this!”

“I might not have a bunch of fancy toys like you two, but when it comes to explosives? I think I’ve got experience.” Snarked the black-clad reploid as he kicked off the pile of wreckage. The explosion wasn’t large, but it didn’t have to be; the well-placed bomb caused enough of the rubble to crumble away so that they could see the group on the other side. It wasn’t a large path, but it was enough for people to climb over single-file.

“Don’t just stand there a-gawking, Dalton!” Arin ordered the security personnel on the other side. “This place ain’t gettin’ any safer!”

Cylecks leapt forward, helping pull the Troy’s remaining clientele across the narrow gap. “Is this everyone?” he shouted to the security XO on the other side.

“As I was sayin’,” grunted Dalton has he hoisted another one of patrons up over the rubble “this is everyone we could round up on the ground floor. But the stairwells to the third floor were damaged! There’s still a whole mess of people up there with no way out!”

“What?!” Cylecks exclaimed. “Arin, Star, we gotta get to those people before-“ Cylecks started as he turned to his fellow mercenaries. He didn’t even have to ask, though; Shadow Star was already climbing the wall to the third floor in his Star form, and Arin was scaling it right next to him.


“Their forces are divided, sir,” Jerimiah reported to Marco, who was busy taking aim at the meager cover one of the Freelancers was crouched behind. “Only two of them are attempting to hold our forces outside; the others are stuck inside the hotel, either concentrating on getting people out or busy trying to keep the structure from collapsing.”

Marco cracked a smile. “Looks like those two idiot brothers did something worthwhile after all.” He said as he put down the specialized shotgun for a moment and turned to his communications expert. “Alright. Let’s concentrate long-distance fire on that berserker. I’ll hold down the other one, and we can start picking them off one-by-one while they’re spread too thin-“

Holstier’s orders were interrupted as Jerimiah’s head exploded into a fine red mist right in front of him. His finely honed instincts took over as Marco dived for cover without hesitation; another shot rang out and neatly missed the commander. Almost immediately afterwards a voice came over his headset. “Commander! Someone’s taken over the sniper’s positions! I repeat, someone has taken over the sniper’s positions!”

“File that under SHIT I ALREADY KNOW!” barked Marco, switching security bands as he saw another soldier fall to sniper-fire. If someone had taken over the sniper’s position, they might have been listening to their communications. He didn’t know how many snipers were compromised, but he needed to put an end to it fast, as the rest of his group were sitting ducks. “Grace,” he ordered over the new security channel “we’ve got compromised men. Set off the fail-safes on unit Omega, NOW!”


HONN’s doubles on the rooftops took aim at the panicking forces on the ground. Zeo was ably making a mess of things, so he focused on the soldiers that had pinned down Shade. The HONN’s fired again nearly simultaneously, dropping two more reploid soldiers with the high-powered sniper rounds. “Like shooting fish in a barrel.” Said one of the HONNs, smirking.

Abruptly, a high-pitched whine drew his attention to the bodies of the snipers near his feet. A small circular device on their flak jackets began glowing red, and the whine was only growing louder.

“…Shit, that can’t be good.” Said both HONNs in chorus.

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