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Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:39pm (XFF:

NRP: This is unrelated, but I didn't want to create a thread for it.


Orchestral music begins to play. Sweeping strings convey timeless, somber gravity.

Lightning flashes in rain clouds over a prairie.

The narrator says "All of life is a search for discovery."

Wind sweeps across dessert dunes at sunset.

"The turning of a page. The splicing of an atom."

Leafy saplings sprout from black soil.

"The quest is long and hard."

Schools of colorful fish swim amidst a reef.

"But no quest is more essential."

Cells divide beneath a microscope.

"And none has more potential"

The glistening skyline of Delta City.


A close-up of a human eye cuts to a medium shot of a smiling child.


Healthy cows graze in a field, their spots form identical corporate logos on their fur.

"Biological Synthetics."

The same logo, brightly painted on the side of emergency relief trucks.

"Changing the world."

A mother sabertooth tiger uses its tongue to bath her cub.

"Claiming the future... one cell at a time."
(or did he say "one sale at a time"?)

A thirty-something businessman of uncertain ethnicity and slightly green skin steps before the camera. The graphic reads Genghis Morn.

"I'm not only the president of BioSyn. I'm also a product."

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    • It's an Ad Ad Ad Ad World — Kail, Sun Apr 12 8:39pm
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