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A new... something?
Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:49pm (XFF:

In the rubble of the Troy's banquet hall, staff worked feverishly to get everything back to normal. The gaming tables of the floors below were already working back at full capacity and contractors were being brought in to assess damage and recommend repairs on the damaged floors. One of the Construction Joe swept up a few dozen broken metal cockroaches from the fight between Arin and the distributed AI known as HONN. The small pile was then picked up and thrown into a trash receptacle before the Joe went on to another task. From atop a damaged marble column, a single nanobot watched.

The nanobot moved slowly across the floor, two of it's legs horribly mangled. It attempted to scale the slick plastic surface when it reached the receptacle, but it's legs could not find purchase. It processed this turn of events for a few seconds before settling on a new course of action: it's mandibles, which had so readily rended flesh before, began to feverishly work on creating and enlarging a hole in the plastic wall.

With a hole big enough for it to fit in, the nanobot crawled through and began to ascend the mountain of garbage until he found the broken bodies of it's brethren. Work began slow, but after a few minutes, the remaining nanobot had a full set of functional legs cannibalized from the fallen.

Buried in the small amount of memory each nanobot is afforded is a program designed specifically to mimic a basic biological function: reproduction. This ingrained form of digital survival, coupled with the proper materials was a function of the core nanobot operating system that would allow HONN to recover from damage and the general wear and tear of being composed of mechanical parts.

One nanobot became two, two became four, and four became eight, the number of nanobots doubling as the bodies of the fallen were consumed for raw materials. As each new nanobot was brought online and became incorporated as part of the whole, a new intelligence coalesced from the limited experience of the surviving nanobots. Nanobot Prime held a small portion of the last activity it had engaged in before it went offline, becoming the personality of Kail the Destroyer.

A mantra formed in the mind of budding intellect, the idea growing from Nanobot Prime. As the small swarm left the trash receptacle and ventured forth into it's new world, the airducts of the Troy, it repeated the mantra over and over: We are become death, destroyer of worlds. We will rain down vengeance on those who stand before us. We are a plague on this earth. We are a Plague.

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