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Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:06pm (XFF:

NRP: Just for the record I know "salvagation" isn't a word, rather, "salvage" and, "salvation" are, and just to let you know, if Lauliari curses, think of "Recor" as "son of a bitch" and "Recorok" as the F-word.

RP: It was late, a slight breeze out. Lauliari left the cemetary of a barracks to return to his ship and salvage what was left of his belongings. It appeared to have been robbed. Luckily, Lauliari keeps his more sentimental possesions; his weapons; hidden in a secret compartment of his ship.

He found some of his more recent weapons at the top of the pile, plasma cannons, ray guns, and more cliche' alien weapons. Lauliari didn't know how advanced the weapons or defenses were on this planet, so he decided to gather a weapon of every kind. A plasma cannon, a gun model that shockingly resembles an AK-47, a club; probably not very good for fighting, but a nice memoir of his initiation into manhood.

"Smahlt?" Lauliari questioned what he saw and howled with delight. He found his old dual-bladed Choggish spear! He lost it many years ago after the industrial revolution, apparently one of his, um, people who respect and/or fear him that wish to get on his good side found it and placed it deep within his secret compartment as a surprise.

He examined the spear ecstatically, it has his initials engraved onto it in Choggish, (which translates out to L.A.) it was stained with the orange blood of those he has slain all over. He modified one side of the spear sometime during the industrial revolution into a flaming projectile, or fire lancer, as some may call it, but it was his old spear just the same.

He trotted back happily to the FR base when his mind flickered back to Lock. He worried about whether or not Lock returned to the barracks to see he wasn't there. He did not wish to upset Lock, as he felt Lock mat be his only friend, other than the overeager Glitch, whom had to return to the garage to take care of his children, Lauliari wondered how Glitch had offspring that looked so much unlike him, but perhaps it was because they were only babies.

But still, Lauliari worried about how Lock may take his lack of presence, if he will speak to him again. Usually, Lauliari doesn't have such prissy emotions, although, despite his ruthless, homicidal ways, Lauliari realized he is in a potentially life-threatening situation, where allies may be essential. Perhaps, once Lauliari feels more settled, he can go back to his normal ways. "Morec-tec," Lauliari uttered under his breath. He prayed to Lord Bonex for the best, but feared the worst.

NRP: Some of you may recognize the name Bonex, if not, read one of my older, "King Cake" posts.

  • Getting settled inLauliari, Mon Apr 6 4:11pm
    NRP: In my last post, I don't know how I missed it, it says, "It was hot as hell out there! Lauliari wondered how he didn't fry out there." obviously the situation of him burning outside was already... more
    • Salvagation — Lauliari, Mon Apr 13 9:06pm
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