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Aurora - Part I
Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:40pm (XFF:

NRP- Repost since the other was so far down.


The heavy tread of unarmored boots thudded against the hard concrete floor of one of several dormitory wings floating around the Stomping Grounds. This particular wing hadn't seen new mercenaries in some time. It had gained the reputation of housing some of the most talented mercenaries to grace the desert fortress. One such mercenary was the commanding and inspiring Axel. Acting “executive” officer of the sprawling desert compound, Axel had been commanding missions for years.

As the mercenary walked the halls he noticed one that was slightly ajar and wisping out some red tinged smoke that smelled faintly of all manner of horrible smells. Frowning, the massive mercenary shoved the door open, “Demios, what the hell do you think your doing in here?” He growled.

The mercenary Demios sat atop a heavily reinforced work stool (capable of holding up multiple tons!) with heavy goggles that whirred as they turned to look at Axel. In his left hand was a long metal tube that had been scored and drilled and in his left was a tool that looked something like a hand held crab with pliers where legs should've been. “Oh, hey.” He said innocuously.

Axel frowned heavily as he pointed to a vat that seemed to be slowly boiling a wide spattering of the Stomping Grounds usual trash load. “What in god's name is that?” He asked, not amused.

“I'm not exactly sure what to call it. It's an alchemical solution that...”

“Wait, wait,” Axel interrupted, “Alchemical? As in Alchemy?”

“Yeah. It's supposed to...”

“Demios.” Axel interrupted again, “I'm sure you're aware of this but alchemy is a branch of magic. You can't do magic.”

“Yeah, I know but if you take that compound and...”

Axel sighed again, interrupting the larger mercenary yet again. “Look. I don't mind that you've taken over three suites to indulge your tinkerers itch. But keep the smells and smoke of it to yourself, okay? This thing could out smell the septic tank.”

“...Okay, boss.” Demios said, reaching up and flicking on a switch which activated an internal air-conditioning unit which quickly began sucking up the foul smelling smoke and pumping it up to head out the roof.

Axel sighed, shook his head and headed back into the hallway, closing the door solidly behind him. Demios had always been a little weird with his constant tinkering and building. No one had ever stopped him because upon occasion he would gift some of his creations to other mercenaries. Zeo's link-sabers had been a Demios original and the upgrades he had done to the Gryphon had made it faster, hit harder and fly stealthier.

Still, sometimes Axel wished that Demios would just get drunk and pass out every day like every other merc.

Demios put the beginnings of the magi-link saber aside as he moved back over to his bubbling red 'septic tank.' “Okay, the directions said that I ought to be able to try to condense some of this about now...” He muttered to himself as he took a thick steel ladle and dipped out maybe three ounces of the liquid.

The liquid was the alchemical key to creating what he had discovered to be a “Magical Focusing Crystal.” He had plumbed the depths of the Datanet, called in favors with some of the more eccentric contacts he had and spent a fair amount to create this vat. Once condensed and refined it would be capable of focusing magical energy into a variety of directed forms amplified from its source. In addition, he had managed to figure out how to fashion it into a traditional blast-saber focusing crystal. The complex magnetic lasers that contained a plasma blade required a very special focusing crystal in order to create a blade that would allow the plasma to cut cleanly through the target. Mixed with this magical power, someone who could power magic into it could create a blade of pure magic, a regular plasma blade or any manner of synthesis thereof. He poured the liquid into a crystal condenser that he had borrowed and set it to go. A couple days later, he could test the product.

He grinned. Such a special weapon for such a special reploid, he thought to himself. Satisfied that the condenser wouldn't explode while he wasn't looking, he wandered into one of the other suites he had commandeered. The mercenaries who had used to live in them had died on any of the numerous missions that the Freelance Reploids had been commissioned to do. He had converted this one into something much more akin to a laboratory than a dormitory.

Dominating the center was a birth capsule sat horizontally and left open, acting as a makeshift work bench. Laying in it was a pretty, younger looking reploid whose eyes were closed and lay completely still, evident of being completely offline. She was of average height for a reploid of her “gender” and built a little more smoothly than the average assembly line 'oid. She didn't have much obvious armor, save for a ceremonial helmet that sat on a shelf to the side and sleek deep purple boots that looked built for speed. Deep lavender was the prevailing color, including all of her stretchcloth jumpsuit, her hair and, not obvious at the time, but her eyes as well. She was, as far as Demios was concerned, the most beautiful reploid in existence. He had built her out of some drive to leave a more lasting legacy on this planet than the scorched plains that his plasma cannons had left behind.

He had named her Aurora. His daughter.

In addition to being the most beautiful, Demios figured her to be one of the more advanced reploids currently in existence. The sum result of more than two thirds of his plunder and pay from his time with the Freelancers, she had the refined version of nearly every prototype technology developed for the Alexander project plus his own considerable acquisitions.

Starting from the very top, her hair was built with the same fiber technology that her 'uncle' Retro's was. Designed to disperse considerable heat it allowed her internal systems to be built with considerably lighter and thinner heat pump system than that needed for a conventional fluid coolant. The fibers would draw heat from the cooled systems and let it radiate through her hair. Unlike her uncle, when her heat system began rolling in full, her hair would slowly begin lightening to till her hair would becoming a bright white and becoming scalding hot.

Her eyes were similar to Demios's with a variety of built in sensor systems that usually was integrated into a reploid's helmet. Infrared, ultraviolet, thermal and multi-spectrum scans were a simple thought away. However, there was one additional system that was plugged in that Demios did not have. A special interface that allowed her to see a spectrum that only a very few reploids could perceive. The so called “Aural” spectrum.

Allowing this and the numerous other technologies was at her core: One of the very first Ether drives to be produced. Demios had spent years testing, tweaking and unlocking the limiters of this powerful device. Originally intended only to allow a reploid to access magic, Demios had created a magical/machine interface that surpassed the original designs. With it, any system could access the Ether Drive. The “Aural” sensor was only one such example. Aurora's Magi-Link sabers were another. Once proper testing was underdone, Demios was sure he would be able to come up with dozens of others.

Married to that system was the crowning glory of the Alexander project. She would be the third reploid in existence to house an Adaptive Matrix. Capable of performing intuitive analytics beyond even a normal Reploid's brain, it was the key of her whole system. No reploid save for perhaps Maquestan Crasher and her ilk had ever truly mastered the use of magic. It wasn't even well understood how the Maquestan line could access magic. Demios hoped, that with the interactions between the Adaptive matrix and the Ether drive would allow her unparalleled access to the potentials of magic.

Much more mundane, but no less advanced, was her primary reactor. Borrowed from her uncle Surge and her father, she too had a dual-phase plasma lattice reactor. However, unlike her predecessors, this dual-phase was designed to give her the power comparable to a reactor sized for a much larger reploid, in the compact size that would be smaller than even some of the smallest reploids. It would mean that she could likely match the power output of most reploids save for juggernauts like Demios, Kryce or Gesualdo while leaving a much smaller, lighter reactor which, incidentally, made her less vulnerable to the “kill shot” of going straight for a reploid's reactor.

Her musculature was like her 'aunt' Tempest's. Not quite as tough or strong as Demios's tetrimite musculature her ditrimite one allowed her considerable strength, fluidity and speed. The ditrimite strands were bundled into traditional “muscles” like any animals. However, by their mutable nature, they allowed her a range of motion much beyond a normal human's, however, much less than that of a traditional servo'd reploid.

All this technology would give her an edge in her life. Demios didn't imagine she would be well-suited to a simple life of honest work. No, not with her 'family.' Even now, he knew Retro and Surge were fighting a mercenary's wage in Africa. Her father regularly put his life on the line simply to get paid. She, too, would likely come into a life of violence if not by intention than by association. He intended to give her all the tools she would need to become an amazing fighter. However, he would let her personality develop as it should. Free and unburdened.

“DNA Soul” programming was a very tricky thing. Those experienced in the art could create a reploid with such precise characteristics and mannerisms that they could create an exact duplicate of a human being. In fact, there were laws against it in the civilized world. “Doppleganger Fraud” was the technical term. However, there was another method to creating the DNA Soul that was far more... Organic.

The basis of the code was inserted into the reploid and then, through the birth capsule, it would undergo “A False Life,” so to speak. It would undergo, at full processor speed, all the trials and tribulations of growing up that would define a human's personality. In a few short months, a Reploid could be allowed to “grow” a personality.

Today was the Day that Demios had decided that she was finally ready to undergo this last “birthing process.” He would inject her with a carefully prepared basis code and be allowed to develop. He placed the chip with her basis programming against her temple, where a slot was open to allow the insertion of the chip. “See you in a few months, Aurora.” Demios said warmly before pushing the chip in and flipping two switches on the birth capsule.

Demios suddenly felt his arm seem to be mired in the very air around Aurora and warning klaxons blared from the capsule. Readings streamed across the monitor as he jerked his had free from... Nothing. “What? Personality stage seven? That shouldn't happen for another two months!” He balked at the screen, “...Computer! Prepare for emergency Artifice Uplink!”

The computer blinked its understanding and Demios stood up straight. Artifice Uplink was a dangerous maneuver that allowed a Reploid to “dive” into the mind of another reploid. The diving reploid's code would be forcefully added to the “False Life” programming and could try to fix whatever problems were occurring. It was exceptionally dangerous, since usually the only times it was necessary was when virus codes were attacking a system. Also, there was a chance of causing irreparable damage to both DNA Soul programs if certain codes got crossed. However after his code was extracted by the system and injected into the system, he opened his eyes to see something that simply should not be...

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