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Aurora - Part II
Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:41pm (XFF:

Demios was assaulted by bright light. The sun hung high in the sky, beaming brilliantly across a wide blue sky. Faint white clouds broke up the airy blue and the heat of the distant ball of incendiary hydrogen warmed his skin pleasantly. Around him shot thick, straight trunks of pine and spruce. The air smelled fresh, clean; a stark contrast to the mix of desert sands and metal that usually permeated Demios's nostrils. A forest. He thought to himself, How did I end up in a forest? The program was supposed to take Aurora through a modern setting in a city. ...Is her false life on vacation?

It was then Demios noticed that his armor felt a little different. Looking down, he noticed that the usual forest green polyceramic armor had been replaced with steel plate armor harkening from a time where swords and castles ruled the land. "What the fuck?" Demios said aloud to himself. My program has apparently been completely corrupted. But how? There wasn't enough time for a virus to infect her and what virus replaces the false life world with Medieval Times? He was annoyed moreso though, that the armor didn't seem to come with any kind of weapon.

The Plate-decked Reploid began moving through the forest, shifting his arm to block out the sun. Even my optics aren't working. Whatever did this has seriously fundamentally shifted the programming of this world. He'd probably enjoy the walk in a sunny forest a lot better if he didn't know that his daughter's coding hinged on him fixing the issue.

He had walked maybe an hour when Demios first heard the rustling. The clank of his plate armor against itself had scared plenty of wildlife away in the past hour, but this rustling was consistent. Something was definitely following him. He turned towards a distant clearing. If it planned to follow him, he'd be able to see it then...

However, whatever was following wasn't stupid. Only a few meters from the edge of the clearing, Demios felt a solid thunk against the pauldron of his plate armor. He turned quickly to see a fletched arrow laying on the ground. "...Fuck." He muttered before he swept his arms up in front of his eyes. Arrows began pouring out of the trees, sinking into the wood around him, flashing past his form and no small amount clanging against his armor, several causing worrying shrieks of metal on metal.

Demios sprinted for the clearing, using his ponderous bulk to crash through the undergrowth. "Shit, shit, shit..." He muttered as he ran across the high grass, arrows ripping up the air around him. At about the halfway point, he slowed and turned to try to see what it was that was shooting at him and as he did so his eyes spotted a small, almost dog-like lizard stringing a wicked looking short bow. He loosed the arrow as Demios watched on in near horror as the arrow flew straight for his face. He tried to dodge, but he knew it would be too late.

The arrow froze in midair just moments from impacting the height of his left cheek bone. A glowing white figure held the arrow, having apparently caught it before it had impacted Demios's face. "What the...?" Demios grunted, the cringe on his face slackening, "Who are you?"

"Adaptive Matrix Serial Code AAA-002." The figure replied in an even voice. While not monotone, it certainly lacked emotion. The glowing figure snapped the arrow in two with a squeeze. The act got the attention of the kobolds, who all began fleeing. Demios heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't want to try to figure out if his strength had been downgraded too.

He turned back to the figure and said. "Adapti... Wait, that's the serial code of my Adaptive Matrix.” It dawned on him. “...Of course. It would make sense. You're designed to analyze code. This is all just a fat wad of code for you to analyze, right?"

"That is correct.” The figure nodded, turning square with Demios. “The abstraction you are being presented, however, is not 'just a fat wad of code.' The most precise term is your being is currently here."

"My... Being?" Demios asked, dubiously.

"Yes. I have been able to recover logs from the Aurora unit's primary file system that explain that at 10 milliseconds past start up, integration between Adaptive Matrix Serial Code AAA-003 and the Ether Drive G-023 Magic integration system has elicited a response from the Ether Drive that..."

Demios cut him off, "Can you summarize?"

"...Abstraction enabled. Aurora's Ether Drive core was expanded by the adaptive matrix to allow for a much higher quantity of magic. However, the magic has changed Aurora's core programming and influenced her DNA programming. In response, the Adaptive Matrix has to accept this new Aurora programming, deeming it beneficial. In essence, the Magic has..."

"Ugh..." Demios groaned. "Don't tell me you have 'Adaptively' picked up how to pun?"

"Yes." The figure said, "In short, the Magic has taken control of Aurora. It then activated a spell to highly accelerate the program by speeding up time. Aurora's DNA Soul programming has progressed to level 7, however, based on our logs, several key portions of the code have been skipped. In addition, based on the coding paradigm and the meta-reality being created by the magic, you are in all reality, really here."

"So, how do we stop this?"

"I believe, if we can override Aurora's Adaptive Matrix's coding allowing it to consider the magic's influence as beneficial, it will interface and cut the Ether Drive's flow short allowing you to divorce the corrupted code from the DNA Soul registry."

Demios sighed, "Great, and me without any weapon."

The figure raised an arm and with a flash of light, a glaive with a wide head appeared. The weapon's blade glowed just slightly. “This will help.”

Demios shrugged, “One problem down.”


The Kobolds all huddled around the entrance to the cave, hissing prayers to their scaled gods. Their dark snouts were bowed low, in the dirt as the ground slowly quaked around them. Slowly, a massive red dragon rumbled out of the cave, lowering his sinuous neck to bring its toothed maw near the kobolds. "What is it, my children?" It hissed in the language the kobolds understood. The dragon stood on four legs, although it looked as if the back two could hold all of its ponderous weight. Curled were two massive wings and as it hissed, whisps of red flame slithered out.

"A man has arrived with metal skin. We could not kill him and then your servant came!” They hissed, in confusion. “Are you allied with men now? Have we wronged you, oh God?"

The dragon contemplated, settling back on his haunches. “No, my children. It seems we have an uninvited guest.” After another couple of moments, the dragon turned back towards the cave. ...Adam. Come to me. It voiced telepathically.

A glowing figure, much like the previous appeared in front of him, floating above the terrified Kobolds' heads. "How may I assist?” The figure asked in that same emotionless voice.

“What is this my minions speak of?” It asked, its voice a gravelly imitation of human speech.

The figure paused a moment, its glowing eyes dimming just slightly. A few moments later. “The Demios unit and Adaptive Matrix Serial Number AAA-002 have arrived in the code base." It reported.

The Dragon's eyes widened and a jet of flame flared from its nostrils, “The Creator? Here?” The dragon mused a moment before a predator grin peeled back over his teeth. “That's... Interesting. Very interesting indeed.”

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