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So Who's Picking Up the Tab?
Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:17am (XFF:

Amidst the confused crowds and on-edge security staff, director of security "Aaron McTaggart" sat on the lowermost steps of the Troy, blending as a confused and equally frustrated tourist. The clothes he had put on earlier now slightly singed and dirtied from all the commotion, crinkled slightly as he looked up to the skies to assess the damage. Really, he was simply looking at a streaming news feed while hiding the limitations of his vision. He cringed as the banner across the bottom read "Mob violence erupts in local casino", prompting him to light a second cigarette even though he was still not finished smoking his first.

He would've stood up and helped with crowd control, but his mood restrained him. Nearly four years had gone by without an exchange of looks with the Freelance Reploids, and in less than an hour, they had done millions in property damage, some of which may even bring down a significant portion of the casino with it, as some of the on call contractors had explained to him. It had been his intention from the start to restrain or delay his team mates in the hopes of preventing this from happening in the first place, but that plan went up in smoke when his backup failed to show in time. Even now, the exhausted reploid scanned the crowds for any sign of FR staffing that were not involved in the incident, but to his dismay, none could be seen. His ears perked slightly as the familiar and evenly placed tapping of Jarvis’ cane approached from behind him.

“Hell of a day, huh?”

“Ugh,” Arin groaned, dragging a hit so hard that his first cigarette completely died out, while his second dwindled to a third of its original size, “Dunnae git me started. Lowe’s going to have a field day with this when he hears about it.” A stifled chuckle blurted out of the old merc, making the young director preemptively cringe in preparation for the news he was bringing him.

“He already knows. In fact, the reason why backup did not arrive sooner was because they made a detour at HQ.”

“Wait, what?”
“Lowe asked that they hang back to see how you’d handle things…”
“And let’s just say that they’re all on their way here now.”

As if on cue, the large, iridescent flash of a transporter beam planted itself at the top of the Troy’s grand staircase, its four occupants materializing back into their physical states before an already shell-shocked crowd. Panic briefly ensued as one’s outline began to manifest into a massive hulking shape, making many closest to the port-in worry that another of the armors was about to strike. The commotion quickly died down as fast as it started though, when it became obvious that none of the security staff reacted to the half-tank/half-humanoid reploid manifested into a solid state, it's large claws glistening amidst the reflecting emergency lights. The behemoth looked around, it's old, bellowing voice grating out its best attempt at a chuckle that the ninja could recognize anywhere.

"ARIN," Auger gleefully bellowed, "It is good to see you again, my friend!" The ninja grinned nervously and waved as he surveyed the other three members much less cheery dispositions. All Dr. Lowe could do was stare back at him disapprovingly, while an annoyed Maq surveyed the exterior damage. And as for the fourth... Well, the ninja didn't need visual processors to recognize the familiar rhythm of Kirisu's walk as she stormed off to patrol, never once looking at him as she did so. He knew though, that he probably deserved that.

Ready to receive his fate, Arin stood up and slowly began his death march toward both his superiors, and unnerving feeling welling up in his processors as Dr. Lowe smirked slightly.

"Arin, my boy. Walk with us, and let's have a chat."


NRP: That's part one. I would've written more, but I just got the E74 message on my X-Box, so I am in mourning. I'll post the rest before the weekend.

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