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Out on the town
Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:36pm (XFF:

NRP: I don't mean to abandon my other post, I just feel it's time to make a new one.

RP: Lauliari is in Delta City, It's pretty busy this time of night, Lauliari prefers going out at night because it's cooler, and just a little bit more like his home in Chogolis. Lauliari has been at the FR for a few days now, but to him, it's been pretty boring. There's yet to be a mission since he was there, and he spends most of his time with Lock learning about humans or with Glitch and Vier learning about mechanics. So far, Lauliari knows the difference between male and female and how to repair a hover-bike, but that's about it, he's bad at learning.

Lauliari often likes going out at night to fend off boredom, he enjoys all the attention as he walks down the street or goes into buildings. Lauliari travels with his weapons (he only brings his club and AK-47 with him to town) strapped to his back in case a fight brews, but he hasn't been in a battle since he came to Earth, much to his dismay. As Lauliari was walking along, he noticed something unusual about the dome near the end of the city, the sign near it had some luminescent symbols on it. R. U. S. T. Lauliari couldn't understand it, but he heard what sounded like battle cries from within. He checked what was going on through a crack in the wall (a window) and what he saw brought a smile to his duck-billed face.

Thousands of strange-looking people, pounding their fist in the air, for which Lauliari misinterpreted as a sign of battle. He ran for the entrance, only to be stopped by a guard. He was a broad, bald man, with his arm extended towards Lauliari.

"Hey ugly," He said in a gargly, croaky voice.

"If you want in, I'm gonna need ta see a ticket." Lauliari gawked at the man, puzzled, then it hit him. If everyone inside was battling, perhaps a ticket is a test of strength. Lauliari let out a booming, deep battle cry and smashed the guy's head in with a club. With a grunt, the man fell to the ground bleeding, dead. Lauliari walked in, "Tickets se opranso!" he thought.

To his dismay, when Lauliari walked in, he saw that know one was fighting, but rather shouting at; or possibly cheering; at the five individuals on a risen platform with some peculiar instruments. These people were different, they wore metallic clothing like some of the people he has met, but they seemed to be missing pieces of their garments. This disturbed Lauliari, they looked odd without their clothes. Raw, reddish-brownish flesh with dark holes all over. It was disgusting, even more hideous than he thought possible. What disillusioned him most was that the flesh on their upper half was different than the hideous skin on the bottom. All of a sudden, the group began strumming and banging and yelling into their instuments. Lauliari instantly knew what this was. MUSIC! Lauliari despised music, on his planet it was a way of making friends, to play for them in hopes of becoming allies. Obviously these people planned to befriend everyone here, and it was working. The people were cheering louder than ever before. Banging their heads ferocously and pounding their fist as if they meant to bruise the atmosphere. What set apart this music from Choggish music was, Lauliari LIKED it. On his planet, music was soft, light, whimsical. But what he was listening to was hard, raunchy and metallic. He bagan copying the rest of the crowd's actions, he felt good and fit right in.

Ways into the concert, Lauliari, in a fit of adredaline, smashed someone in the head with his club. "Hey! I'm gonna kill you, you (ear sizzling curse)!" The man punched at Lauliari, he ducked and the man hit a girl to the other side. "Hey!" She shouted angrily and kicked the guy in the balls. Soon everyone was getting the idea and it became an all-out war. The band either didn't notice or didn't care as the bloodshed commenced. The pure destruction and chaos, accomponied by the blaring music, brought a tear of joy to Lauliari's eye, and soon he was part of the fray, killing everyone he came in contact with.

After a while Lualiari had killed everyone on one side of the building when he thought, why not rape some of the women! It would be just like a raid back in Chogolis. Lauliari tryed to remember what Lock taught him. Slim, broad chest, long hair. Once he saw something that met the requirements, he charged at her with all his strenght at her lower region and pierced through the garments to her vagina. She shrieked in a tone that was a strange combination of immense pleasure and excrutiating pain. Once Lauliari was finished, the women collasped to the ground, bleeding to death. Lauliari finished off killing and raping everyone else in the stadium. Once the band looked up from their instruments and saw the horrific seen, they ran out of the building shrieking in terror. Lauliari frowned as the band left and the music stopped.

"Morec-tec," He grunted and left the stadium to continue his nightly prowl.

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