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Muncha Mecha March
Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:32pm (XFF:

Lauliari continued trotting about. He was unhappy about the band discontinuing their concert, perhaps he can catch up with them later. When he walked out he was shocked to find a new building right on the other side of the street that hadn't been there before, as if it sprung up in the hours he was in the stadium. More symbols he didn't understand at the top of the building. M. A. R. C. H. I. N. D. U. S. T. R. I. E. S. And then it was subtitled, "Gundams & Bagels!" Lauliari decided to check it out.

He went inside, it smelt of gasoline and chemicals, and was confronted abrubtly by a overly happy female human.

"Hi! Would you like a bagel or a Giant Mechinaloid with enough firepower to level a city?" She didn't seem the least bit distraught with Lauliari's appearance. Lauliari flashed her a look that meant she was confused and annoyed at her, and her smile vanished.

"Ugh, sorry, I'm working on commission, here, let me show ya around and tell you a little bit about this place." She showed Lauliari around and then gave some backstory.

"March Industries was founded about a week ago and business was booming, not many seemed to want a gundam; they say giant robot fighting is a dying fad; but everyone loves our secret bagel recipe. Our CEO and founder is Payton March, he was a student at a school that teaches mecha piloting to young adults. He loved it, and decided to create a business that combined his two great loves." The women pointed up and there was a banner of The CEO. He had short hair, and he wore a bandana around his head, he had green hair and red skin. Lauliari had seen some green-haired humans at the concert, but the red skin was new to him.

"So buy something or piss off." The woman said. Lauliari pointed at the gundams behind the woman.

"Ahh." She smiled thinly, "Perhaps you can revive gundam battling, which model would you like?" Lauliari scanned the many different gundams, until he saw one that caught his eye.

"Hmph." She smirked, "That's the Vampire-Mecha MM0100, the most powerful and advanced mech here, it uses nanobot technology to drain the power cells of other gundams, or reploids, a course it wouldn't charge it up much, you could get the biggest reploid you could find and it won't charge it up a quarter of the way. Anyhow, this mech won't be cheap, it'll cost about $10,000." Lauliari showed the women the money he'd mugged from the concert-goers, it looked similar to the currency from his planet, so he thought it would come in handy. The women whistled loudley.

"That's a big wad a cash..." It took her a while to count it up, when she finished, she said, "Yer still about $8452.43 shy." Lauliari stared at the women and then kicked her in the face. She fell to the ground, unconcious, he was about to get in the gundam, when it ocurred to him that he doesn't know how to pilot the thing and could destroy the entire city. He couldn't lug it back either, even he isn't THAT strong. He couldn't wait to pilot it, perhaps a special area in the Stomping Grounds could be designated for gundam fights, he could even turn it into an FR sport! But all that had to wait until he actually got the thing back to base. Then he thought of his time in the garage with Glitch and Vier, Vier had shown him her Armorey a few times, it didn't seem tall enough to house a mech, but he'd never been inside. He didn't know if the thing had unlimited space, was fathomless, or bigger on the inside than outside, all he knew was, he had to try. But then he thought of the women. What if she regained conciousness while he was gone? He resolved the problem by bounding and gagging the women and putting her in the corner. Then went back to base in search of Vier.

NRP: Hopefully I can actually make something of this gundam thing, and Shadow Star, if you read my posts, would you mind writing the next post? I'm not quite comfortable with writing for other people's characters yet.

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          • Shadows and SorenessRazi, Fri Apr 24 1:36am
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