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Resting up for the fight.
Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:20am (XFF:

Liska slowly opened her eyes as she stared up into the ceiling, the pain now gone from her body. She had taken a sever beating in the beer run, and her body needed a long time to rest to preform all the repairs it needed. It didn't take long for her diagnostic sensors to read that all her systems were working and fully repaired once more. She had Morphine re-pair the bent and damaged arm, free of charge as it was part of the freelancer's benefits to have free visits for major injures once in a long while. It also allowed the medic to test and analyze her nanobot repair system, giving him ideas and samples for him to improve the nano-repair systems of the FR's med wing. The other Repairs to her body, the internal ones, were handled by her nanobot repair system, more advanced than most, they allowed her to recover quicker than normal, even doing some moderately difficult repairs on their own.

She yawned as she haphazardly rolled out of her bed in shorts and a T-shirt. Her armor was dropped off with Glitch who knew the guys who could repair her cracked and damaged armor. It was missing huge chunks, but hopefully, after all the time she spent in recovery, it would be ready for her to use. Her shotgun also needed an overhaul, being damaged and bent in the fighting as well. Liska wasn't sure of the time spent recovering, but she was absolutely sure that a day had gone by... she just had that feeling of oversleeping in her.

Moving over to the bathroom, she was about to open the door when a massive hunger pang shook her body. The downside to repairing her body be it's self to save cash was that it drained her of massive stocks of energy and resources, as two indicators showing low levels of both in her system. Looking over to her dresser, an idea come to her mind.


It was late in the morning at the Stomping Grounds, the sun beat mercilessly down upon the buildings that comprised the compound. But while most seeked shade from the sun, one Female merc was sprawled out on a beach towel, clad in a orange and blue timed bikini and enjoying the sun. Next to her was a large pile of tender roasted chicken, a large jug of orange juice, and a solar panel that provided power to a satellite radio that Liska had salvaged. Earphones were in her ears as she closed her eyes, her back to the ground and stomach to the sun. She picked up the recently cooked food she made and started to slowly work on it, enjoying the taste of fire-roasted food. The fire she used to make the food was out, so she was free to do whatever she wanted to at the moment.

It was about an hour or two into Liska's sunbathing and eating binge that a announcement come over the loudspeaker. Liska removed the headphones in time to hear the announcement.

"We have just received the official sign in sheet for the Iron Hand Tournament in Delta City. If you are interested, please sign up. That is all."

Shrugging, she continued to eat the last of her food. Figuring she would have some time to sign up, she finished her chicken and laid back to enjoy the sun some more. Her energy was at only a ninth of it max capacity, but her stockpile of internal resources fared much better, at fifth of her full capacity. She normally operated at three fourths of capacity for both, but for just getting out of a major recovery, she was doing quite well by her standards.

Zoning out once again, Liska closed her eyes and fell into a shallow nap on the roof, the warm sun acting as a blanket of warmth to make her quite comfortable even though she was just laying on a beach towel.


NRP: Okay, Liska's in, but I didn't want to have her jump in to accept right at the moment. You can go ahead and bother Liska on the roof if you want to... she's just trying to recover some of her energy back from the major fight from the last RP and the repairs it took to get her back up and running. She doesn't have her weapons with her at the moment, and is pretty tied at the moment.

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