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touch the jackhammer
Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:08pm (XFF:

NRP: I don't know how often I'll be able to post in this mission, but I just couldn't resist.


"Hey, big guy. You signing up too?"

Axel was speechless. He couldn't believe that he'd found Cross of all people in the command center commons putting his name down as a contender.

"Cross..." the slavic mercenary started slowly. "...what do you think you're doing?"

"Ice skating. What does it look like? I'm signing up for the tourney, champ. Sounds like a tits way to make some gettin-laid money."

Axel almost laughed at the lanky reploid, but instead tried to exlain "You do realise that only the final three contenders will see any money, don't you?

"That's what you think. Check this action out."

Cross lowered the black sunglasses from his mop of dirty blonde hair to his eyes. In doing so the reploid's deft fingers triggered a button hidden somewhere on the frame of the glasses and triggered his recall device. After a split second blur Axel found his brash comrade standing before him clad in bright yellow and orange armor. He'd rarely seen Cross' armor, but knew that something was different. Very different.

Colorful vinyl decals covered the armor, each screaming the word ICYHOT.

"I got a sponsor. This Iron Hand thing is broadcast, right? The whole world will be watching. So I figure why not make money offa that. Pretty cool, huh? This way I get paid no matter what happens."

This time Axel couldn't help but laugh. "Why IcyHot?"

"I dunno. I guess they just like my look." Cross deactivated his armor and flashes the other reploid a smile that was genuinely handsome.

The bigger merc shrugged, saying "Maybe they figured in the tournament you'll be a great example of sprains and bruises."

Cross folded his arms. "What's that supposed to mean? I bet I do just as good as a muscle-head like you. I spent six years fighting in the Octagon. They called me Killer Cross."

"You were only built five years ago."

"I lied in my application." Cross retorted. "If you had half a clue what my real past was you'd wet your bed nightly out of fear of what Killer Cross might do if he ever lost it. Out of pure meanness I might crack the side of your melon head open with just one of my flying roundhouse scorpion kicks."

"THERE'S NO SUCH THING!" Axel shouted.

"As far as you know. Maybe I'll teach it to you one day. If I'm feeling extra generous." Cross held up his fist. "And then I'll let you touch The Jackhammer."

"This is too much." Axel groaned. "Hand me the pen so I can sign up for this thing."

"Don't be jealous, Axe. You might get a sponsor too. You maybe should talk to whoever makes Red Meat. You look like a good representative.

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