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Zeo Grey
Voyerism and a Sign Up
Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:07pm (XFF:

Zeo wasn't drunk when the announcement for the Iron Hand tournament filtered over the SG's PA system. He was, in fact, utterly and completely sober thanks to Sarge's patented method.

Heavy work.

Alongside numerous rookies Zeo moved blocks of duracrete from the rambling stack dumped off by a massive dump-truck some months before. Though he didn't know the final details the berserker had some idea of the general story. The duracrete blocks had been surplus supplies on some construction Lowe-Tac industries had been involved in and rather than simply let the stuff go to waste Arin had crafted a deal with Giles in which the FR got the blocks at a massive discount.

A huge dumptruck had delivered the blocks only days later, dumping its entire load by the side of the compound and rumbling off into the desert. The blocks had sat for several months before Axel, on a trip from his office to the parade ground, had stumbled across the heap and deemed it an eyesore. One delegation later and Sarge had the perfect punishment and/or 'filler' duty for rookies. Beyond that a merc desperate enough could sign on for a day's work and earn up to a couple hundred credits by helping to move the blocks from the heap to the neatly stacked pallets which were then being stored away by Auger who seemed glad for the interaction.

Zeo was desperate. Upon waking up after a truly mind-destroying bender following the trouble of the Beer Run he had found messages awaiting him. One from Otik the other from Giles. Both concerned credits due.

Looking up along with the rest of the rookies Zeo grinned at the announcement. "Goin' on a fifteen Sarge!" The burly green reploid waved an arm.

"Get on but you'd better be back on time or it's a dock in pay!"

"Chintzy bastard." Zeo muttered, stalking away from the pallet to the cool darkness of the Stomping Grounds' innards. Several rookies smirked behind his back. The sight of a mercenary with so many combat hours logged working under the hot sun for a couple hundred credits was almost worth the unceasing labor they had been forced into.

"Get back to work you scurrilous varmints!" Sarge bellowed firing a plasma-blast over the rookies' heads. The reploids muttered curses and got back on task many mouthing threats at the veteran drill sergeant that he encouraged with a nasty grin.


Up on the rooftop a figure lay flat on his belly, video camera trained on the supine form of Liska, dozing lazily in the sun. Tapping his COMM the figure reported in to his temporary boss.

"You gettin' this?"

"Oh yes. The feed's coming in perfectly fine." Eddie replied. His voice was painfully distorted by the cheap COMM he was using. The reploid voyeur winced as Eddie continued. "I'm going to maneuver my camera drone in for some closer shots. Whatever happens to it you keep rolling."

"Gotcha." The mercenary, one Cocker by name, replied, shifting slightly sending the briefest prismatic ripple through his adaptive camouflage blanket.

Safe within the air conditioned confines of his back office Crazy Eddie worked the delicate controls of his camera-bot and watched the little bot's feed with devout attention as it closed in on Liska, its multitude of cameras panning this way and that to catch every curve and bead of sweat glistening on her nubile form. With her being a rookie Eddie knew there were plenty of mercs that, tired of the usual fare at the Brothel, would pay prime cash-money for some new beat off material.

Leaning closer Eddie flipped two switches and began typing in commands.

On the rooftop a delicate gleaming claw extended towards the thin string-strap of the upper portion of Liska's bikini.


Zeo walked up to the line forming outside Giles' office and took his place behind Axel and Cross taking in the latter's bravado and Axel's increasingly heated replies.

"You should look into whoever makes Red Meat." Cross suggested brightly. "You look like a good representative."

Axel opened his mouth to reply then closed it and took several deep breaths through his nose as Giles handed him a fountain pen that gleamed with what looked a lot like real gold inlay.

Once his name was on the dotted line Axel turned to go and halted abruptly to see Zeo behind him. "Signing up?"

"Yeah." Zeo replied, holding a hand out for Giles' pen.

"Ah...well...good luck." Axel muttered, brushing past Zeo with Cross on his tail.

"That psychopath's signing up?" The garishly armored reploid whined.

Axel, despite his sudden worries, laughed. "What happened to Killer Cross?"

"I just don't wanna have to kill him is all." Cross replied defensively. "Y'know 'cause we're fellow mercs and all."

"Sure pal. Sure."

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