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Action and Boobs
Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:01pm (XFF:

Shade sat up and pulled on his boots. It had been a week already and soon was to be the Iron hand Tournament. The templar was sure to be there, the funds would be too much to pass up. After getting on his armor Shade tested his retractable helmet and cloaking device. All systems go.

It was 08:00 hours when shade entered the trasim; he went to the holographic keypad and punched in the settings. The landscape of a desert formed up around him; the heat shimmer was reduced due to the gravity density. 100yds away Another Shade appeared, this one stood atop the sand, not slightly pressed into. they Circled and then closed in both drawing two sabers and dashing in, the clone Shade arrived first, not being hindered by the dense gravity, the flurry of blows was hard pressed and intense.

Clone shade saw the opening and stabbed. Original shade reacted just barely. He dropped the saber in his left hand, and diverted the full power of his back up core into the magnetics in his left hand. The field intensified and the incoming beam blade bent away with the force of it

Clone shade tried to spin away, however it was not to be. A grappling cable fired straight through his visor onto his CPU brain through an eye socket. It went limp and the room shimmered back to its Yellow grid on black back ground.

Shade went out to the roof of the barracks feeling good, and generally cheerful if it even went that far. Just ahead of him lay a certain female merc, asleep. Approaching her back was a small mechanical spider, extending something like a pair of sheer towards her back. It was quick and from the hip. The spider exploded into metal confetti. The shot however was close enough to singe through the narrow bikini string. With a start Liska spun and sat up pointing no weapon. He breasts bounced with the movement.

Shade's eyebrows rose a bit, but it became apparent that he was not in fact ogling Llika's bared breasts. He cocked his head to the side, now obviously looking past Liska. Shade fired a second shot. A curse arose from a distance and someone shad didn't know wrung his hands where a camcorder once rested.

“So did you join the tournament?" Shade asked, Liska who now covered herself, it seemed as if Shade hadn't noticed. “I was the first name on the roster."

  • Voyerism and a Sign UpZeo Grey, Mon Apr 20 7:07pm
    Zeo wasn't drunk when the announcement for the Iron Hand tournament filtered over the SG's PA system. He was, in fact, utterly and completely sober thanks to Sarge's patented method. Heavy work.... more
    • Action and Boobs — Shade, Tue Apr 21 3:01pm
      • Coma!Hilton, Tue Apr 21 4:51pm
        Gesualdo hoisted the last pallet of rock into it new home. Wiping his brow, he turned and signaled a goodbye to Auger. The mute and the tank rarely saw each other, but Gesualdo enjoyed his company.... more
        • Run Away!Zeo Grey, Wed Apr 22 5:33pm
          NRP: Curse you Shade! How could that blasted fool even know poor Cocker was there!? RP: Cocker snarled a series of exceptionally unsavory curses as he flung back the obviously defective adaptive... more
          • What Has Science Done?!Vier, Wed Apr 22 8:02pm
            Vier was hard at work inside her small room at Freelance Reploids. Sunlight trickled into her sanctuary by a crack in the curtains; otherwise solely the harsh light of a single fluorescent bulb... more
            • Washing machines of doom, that's what!Liska, Thu Apr 23 11:55am
              Liska shook her head at Shade, "Yeah, why not. Nothing else to do." She bent down to pick up the towel she was using to take a nap on. Cocker poked his head up one last time to get any other shots he ... more
              • Off on her ownErica T, Thu May 7 2:37am
                Erica stared down the silver barrel of her rifle at the target floating in the distance, her body holding perfectly still as she pulled off three quick shots that echoed lightly through the shooting... more
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