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Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:14pm (XFF:

Lauliari was thrown out the garage with a bullet lodged in the incredibly thick skin of his chest, violet blood trickling down from all over. It was times like these when he remembered (rather times like these when he COULD remember.) that Vier never actually "showed" Lauliari her Armory, rather, he saw, she noticed him looking, she beat the Recorok out of him.

"Morec-tec" The drooling alien chuckled in a daze. He could forget about that mech


"Lauliari, my precious Lauliari, so glad to see you here my child, I am." said a suave man in the outskirts of Delta City looking into some strange crystal ball of sorts. His skin was a mocha color and seemed to be glowing. He wore a slick red suit and had spiky red hair. He wore orange dress shoes and was stroking an odd, red and blue cat, whose colors appeared to be shifting in a blobbish sort of way.

"I can't wait to meet you here, my child," The man smiled a maniacal; but by no means evil; and strangely warming smile from ear to ear. He looked up.

"My children, will you please fetch your brother and bring him to me please?" He asked two heavily armored guards.

"Aye! Zibber Bonex!" They shouted in unison. And at that, they were off to find Lauliari.

  • Muncha Mecha MarchLauliari, Fri Apr 17 10:32pm
    Lauliari continued trotting about. He was unhappy about the band discontinuing their concert, perhaps he can catch up with them later. When he walked out he was shocked to find a new building right... more
    • meanwhile — Lauliari, Tue Apr 21 4:14pm
      • (Hijack)Someone save the board space!Razi, Thu Apr 23 12:00am
        NRP: Did not want to waste more board space for a little CD, and since i figured this guy was toast.. toasted.. I'll hijack this space for my own, and save face. If i remember correctly my only issue ... more
        • Shadows and SorenessRazi, Fri Apr 24 1:36am
          Lets try this again, not really so much a CD as shaping any sort of ability there may be back into proper order. ----------------------------------------------------... more
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