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Zeo Grey
Run Away!
Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:33pm (XFF:

NRP: Curse you Shade! How could that blasted fool even know poor Cocker was there!?

RP: Cocker snarled a series of exceptionally unsavory curses as he flung back the obviously defective adaptive camouflage blanket and started poking through the ruins of his camera. "Bastard Doc Laiken. Next time I see that pill popping fake I'm gonna ram my boot so far up his ass he'll be tasting Titanium-X for a week!" The cursing came to an abrupt end when Cocker found what he was looking for. Eddie, by now, had long experience in dealing with his often reluctant subject's harsh dealings with his equipment. The camera's hard drive was well protected against damage ranging, apparently, even into the realm of low-level plasma shots.

Cocker grinned and scooped the small rectangle up out of the plastic shards and slotted it into his gauntlet for safe keeping mentally thanking the FR's higher ups for the harshly enforced no-kill policy within the Stomping Grounds. Had Shade fired a full-power plasma blast Cocker doubted the camera, or his face, would have survived. As it was he had the footage he needed to get paid.

Across the way Liska hastily wrapped her towel around herself and glared at Shade. "Well!?" She demanded.

"Well what?" Shade replied, holstering his pistol western-style.

"Are you gonna go after that pervert or what!?"

The prototype cocked his head to the side then shook his head. "Don't think so. It isn't really worth my time." Liska's face burned crimson and she jabbed a finger at Shade.

"You...You...." She let out a frustrated scream and flung her hands in the air.

Cocker's eyes widened as the towel fell to the rooftop. Using his zoom function he got a fantastic view of what Eddie called 'the goods'. Making sure to back the memories up on his secondary drive the mercenary waved at Liska. "Oi! Thanks for the assist!" He hollered before taking off.

Liska abruptly felt a draft and let out a squeal as she covered herself with an arm, blushing furiously from the top of her head to her toes.

Shade chuckled. "So...Are you gonna join the Iron Hand tournament?"


Zeo toweled sweat from his chest and neck as he strode through the deliciously cool hallways of the Stomping Grounds heading for Sarge's office. He knew he was one of the last of the day's workers to be doing so as he had stayed to help Gesualdo secure the last palette, making sure to belt down the duracrete blocks to keep them stable in the event of a raid on the SG compound. Not at all an invalid caution. Every merc currently employed and living on-base had heard handed-down tales told in hoarse whispers of the God Killer who had wrecked so much havoc that, for a time, the Freelance Reploids had ceased to exist.

Pausing just outside Sarge's door Zeo took a deep breath then knocked.

"It's open." Sarge growled. Zeo popped the door opened and walked into Sarge's office. Compared to the massive green reploid the office was hilariously small giving Zeo the impression of a bear on the verge of outgrowing his cave.

Sarge looked up from the paperwork scattered across his desk and frowned. "Here for your pay I reckon." Zeo nodded. Sarge pulled a drawer open and stuck a hand that just barely fit inside it. Pulling out a voucher Sarge filled it out in bold highly legible script with an over-sized pen.

"Take this down to Giles. He'll cash it for you." Zeo took the voucher and looked it over before letting out a harsh chuckle.

"Not likely he won't but I guess that's the idea." The berserker stuffed the voucher in his pocket. "Applied for that Iron Hand Tournament but until it kicks off I'll probably keep workin'."

Sarge replied with a noncommittal grunt. Just as Zeo reached the door he coughed. "Listen kid." The merc paused. "You got a lot of experience, enough you could be somethin' around here. Keep rookies alive, take on the higher-profile jobs. Why're you wasting yourself on the booze?"

Zeo shrugged and exited the office, closing the door gently behind him.


Eddie's maniacal laughter filtered through the Stomping Grounds Gift Shop from his back office. "Oh you didn't know did you Shade? Didn't know just how often my little camera bots have been destroyed!" He gloated, spinning around in his chair, which squeaked in protest, as the footage of Liska's towel dropping replayed again and again on his monitors. Admittedly the quality was a little grainy but the proprietor of the Gift Shop had faith that his lacky, Cocker, would be able to assist in cleaning up the quality. One of the reasons he'd chosen the scrappy little Ranger-class reploid was that his optics were second to none.

"This'll more than make up for the drop in Kail t-shirt sales." Ironically the most profit Eddie had ever made off the shirts was the time, a few Christmases ago, that Kail himself had bought his entire stock out and given them out as gifts to his fellow Mercs in a rare display of holiday cheer.

Rubbing his hands together Eddie stormed out of the back office, feather duster in hand. The shop needed to look spick and span for all the new customers he'd be having.

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