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(Hijack)Someone save the board space!
Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:00am (XFF:

NRP: Did not want to waste more board space for a little CD, and since i figured this guy was toast.. toasted.. I'll hijack this space for my own, and save face. If i remember correctly my only issue is trying to write third person past, instead of third person present. Here we go!


The moonlight lit the room with a soothing calm, that calmed Razi's expression. His expression smoothed by the serene setting. His eyes twitched quickly as he scanned the pages of a book, so aged that it was practically held together by the friction of the pages near the spine. It was one of many that filled a wall-turned bookshelf, and cluttered many of the open spaces in his room. This type of collection was nearly impossible to come by anymore, in true paperbacks. The cover of his book, like the rest of the book was so faded that is was nearly unreadable, and to most humans the task would be impossible in the current lighting.

He closed the book with a slight smirk on his face. One of his favorite quotes from the book ran through his mind.
"Never will those who wage war tire of deception."
He stood, stretching his legs, his smile gone as he crossed the room and replaced the book. Razi turned on his heel and crossed the room with swift strides, reaching his safelocker, and placed his eye in front of the retinal scanner. With a whoosh of sealed air the door slid to the side, and he faced his mission attire, weapons, and some training equipment.

He withdrew a low energy beamsaber, his GraVTecH training straps, and a towel and headed for the training room. Counting every doorway and passage between his room and his destination he managed to keep his mind clear, and relaxed his body. It was unlike him to be tense so late at night.

Razi entered the training room and his eyes swept the room. "That's strange..." Razi thought as he moved to the wall and sat his equipment down. He put the GraVTecH shin plates on, and the shoulder straps, which would detect the force his body is putting out and counter act by creating a positive and negative gravity charge around his body, in turn creating a false adjustable gravity around his body to simulate gravity at higher levels than normal.

Razi grabbed his beamsaber and cranked his gear enough to make him struggle with a good form, and gritting his teeth began to run through a practice of styles..


NRP: Kinda a boring post, but Its late and my mind is blank. At least i finally posted something again. Hope i fixed the third person present thing.. Any who feel free to flame away, or give advice whatever.

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