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Shadows and Soreness
Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:36am (XFF:

Lets try this again, not really so much a CD as shaping any sort of ability there may be back into proper order.


Razi's entire body glowed with sweat as he collapsed on the floor, teeth gritted with the strain of the intense gravity. The black cloth of his tanktop stuck to him like a second skin. He forced his hand down to his waist and shut off his GraVTech equipment. His chest rose and fell with deep breaths as a satisfied smile replaced the grimace of the costly workout.

"Now thats what i call a burn.." Razi thought to himself as he laid on the floor. With little haste, Razi collected himself, and climbed to his feet to do a little ballistic stretch which would help cool down his tired muscles.

Razi quickly shuffled his way back to his room, tossing his gear against the safe in his room, before stripping his clothes off and doing one last naked stretch. The Moonlight still trickled through his tiny view port, lighting yet the ever relaxing mood, to which Razi often found himself drifting off into thought.

The thought that This was his haven, and he was a child of the night never crossed his mind as he mixed himself a creatine/protein shake of his own mix, and walked into his tiny bathroom. Razi was as much a creature of the night as the fabled and mystified Vampires, and Werewolves of fables, and stories.

It did not take long for the steam to fill the tiny room, fogging his mirror, and creating a blanket deep enough that even the sharpest eyes could not pierce. Razi stood under the water and washed away the dirt, wishing it could wash away all bad things. Razi reached over and shut off the shower, and quickly stepped out feeling for his towel in the dense fog that covered the room.

His hand stopped halfway, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, and he froze mid reach, not even turning his head. His eyes only slightly hindered by the steam saw a quick movement, and Razi quickly leaped to the floor, performing a forward roll, coming to a stop right next to his gear. His hand shot out, and with out looking pulled one of his many knives hidden through out his room.

He stood slowly, his body aching, already sore from the previous work out but now almost completely exhausted gave him a painful rise. He held the knife out in front of him, and slowly crossed the room. His eyes focused on a single foreign object sitting on the edge of his bed. A single black rose was lain across the sheets of his bed. Razi's eyes went out of focus for a moment as a soft scent awakened his senses, lighting memories from his past like wildfire.

"Kiara..." Razi thought out loud, and he ran for the door, quickly throwing on a pair of shorts, nearly tripping himself up, muscles screaming out in agony. Razi managed to regain his composure and slid out into the hall. He scanned both ways, but found no sign of entrance, or movement. Disappointment crowned his face, and he let out a silent sigh.

Razi backed into his room, and crashed on the bed, quickly lifting the rose into his hand. He lifted the rose, and moved it close to his face. He could smell the perfume that soaked the rose as if it had replaced the very air of the room, and it filled him. For once in a very long time, the void inside of him was gone. The comfort of the room, and the feeling caused him to drift off to sleep.


Sorry if its terrible, I'm working on improving! Once again, any advice/critiquing is more than welcome.

  • (Hijack)Someone save the board space!Razi, Thu Apr 23 12:00am
    NRP: Did not want to waste more board space for a little CD, and since i figured this guy was toast.. toasted.. I'll hijack this space for my own, and save face. If i remember correctly my only issue ... more
    • Shadows and Soreness — Razi, Fri Apr 24 1:36am
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