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Kodiak Origins
Fri May 8, 2009 12:10am (XFF:

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SIX MONTHS AGO -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Despite his small and frail build, Professor Spotsworth showed no outward signs of fear in the face of the large amgry man who'd just kicked in the door of his office. In contrast Dr. McGreggor, a great red-bearded bull of a man, instantly soiled his trousers.

"Where is she, Spotsworth?!?" the violent intruider demanded. He was a rustic looking human, clad in denim, flannel and big steel-toed boots. Furious blue eyes glared from between large mutton chop sideburns.

Before the CEO could reply, two armed security officers dashed into the room. The intruider broke the first one's arm in two places, then kick the second in the face so hard it left a red impression of his boot heel on the man's forehead.

He snarled "Where is she?"

Spotsworth, stoic as stone, steepled his fingers before his face and calmly asked "Whom do you mean?"

"Lumina." The word sounded painful for the man to say.

The scientist now folded his hands. "Ah. She's an employee here."

"Then let me see her."

"I'm afraid that's not possible. Lumina's doing some very important work for us. She volunteered to be part of a special experiment. Details of the project are classified, of course, but I assure you it's all very exciting."

The intruider put his fist through the wall and screamed "That's a lie! She wouldn't have just left without saying anything. We were building a life together. I promised I would never go back to the wars and she said she'd stay with me on the mountain forever. 'I'll never leave you, Lucas.' That's what she said."

"I assure you, our legal team can prove that the woman is now CyberGenetica property."

Lucas leaned across the desk to look the little old man directly in the eye and demanded "I'm not leaving until I see her."

"Impossible." Spotsworth replied, unphased by what he considered a clumsy intimidation tactic. "The project is top secret. Everything about it is classified. There's only one way we'd ever grant you access to a team member."

From where he sat in his own urine, McGreggor couldn't beleive the word that his employer spoke next.



Company employees frequently exchanged rumors and speculations about what actually went on behind the ulta maximum security doors of dreaded lab 113. From where they stood in the observation room overlooking the chamber, Spotsworth and McGreggor could see their staff of scientists begin attaching Lucas to "The Device". Each of the workers strapping him in had dual PHDs and corporate security clearance second only to Spotsworth himself.

"With all do respect, sir, and at the risk of losing my job..." the red-bearded McGreggor whispered as though someone else were in the room with them. "...have you gone senile?"

The CEO cut his subordinate a surprised glance, impressed that the man would be so bold. Perhaps there was a backbone in there after all.

"This Lucas person is dangerous. And now you want to turn him into something even more powerful than the lupines?"

"Yes." Spotsworth conceded. "He's the perfect test subject. A former soldier, just the right age, in excellent health... he's a perfect physical specimen. Plus he's willing to sign his life away."

"I understand that, but when he finds out about Lumina there's no telling what he'll do."

The old man turned his gaze back toward the laboratory. "Then I suppose we can't allow him to find out, can we?"

Down on the floor, Dr. Lorne stopped the scientists just before they secured their test subject's right hand. Lorne, the severe no-nonsense team leader, held a contract and pen in front of Lucas and instructed him to sign it.

"What does it say?" Lucas asked.

Lorne replied "Does it matter?"

Lucas agreed that it did not. After signing the document Dr. Lorne presented the man with a dog tag inscribed with the words "WEAPON Y" and welcomed him to the CyberGenetica family. Lucas said he wanted new tags printed. "And what would they say?" Lorne asked while securing the man's last free hand. Lucas met his captor with a defiant gaze and answered "Kodiak."

Before they started the procedure, the only female member of the team whispered to Lucas "Whatever your reason is for doing this, focus on that. It'll help."

"I've been through worse." Lucas grunted.

Sadness welled up in the woman's eyes as she replied "No you haven't."

"Gag the subject, Dr. Chin." Lorne shouted from his monitoring station. "I don't want this one biting his tongue off."

Not that it really mattered. If the procedure was successful then the subject would be able to grow a new tongue, but Dr. Lorne didn't like chit chat in his laboratory.

Lucas was a hard man. He'd once dug sizzling shrapnel out of his side using nothing but his fingers, and then stitched the wound up himself. And he loved Lumina more than anything in the world. But once the procedure started he regretted his decision instantly. This was a new kind of torment. Waves of pain washed over his body as the machines bored deeper inside him. He would have wept if the agony wasn't too great to allow even that.

At some point towards the end he started to transform. The restraints tore away like so much paper, and half the team of scientists were dead before a containment team could arrive. Dr. Lorne himself was mauled, but survived his injuries. The subsequent scars only made his assistants fear him all the more.


"Am... am I alive?" Lucas asked from his bed. He couldn't tell where he was at. It looked like a hospital, but armed men lined the walls of the room. And directly over him leaned Professor Spotsworth.

"You're more alive than you've ever been." the CEO answered. "The procedure was a success."

Spotsworth couldn't beleive that the man was conscious and coherent. They'd pumped him full of enough experimental sedative to kill a small elephant. The old man silently signaled for the med team to up the dosage before he said his next bit.

"Lucas, I have some disturbing news. A rival corporation, Biological Synthetics, broke into one of our facilities and used mercenaries to kill all of the lupines that we'd created. Lumina was among them. She's dead."

The test subject screamed in anger and anguish as he strained against his new restraints, but these were lined with Titanium X. The sedation also made it impossible for him to transform again. Once he'd quieted down, Spotsworth continued.

"I know. I know. The woman you love was hunted down. I can help you have revenge. I can show you the people who did it. Will you let me help you?"


Target number 4, BioSyn's director of North American operations, lay dead on the helipad. His bodyguards ran for their lives.

Targets 1 through 3 had recently met similar fates at the talons of Kodiak. The enhancements that CyberGenetica had given Lucas turned him into such a killing machine that taking on a squad of commandoes single-handed seemed easy. It wasn't until a sniper bullet struck him in the chest that Kodiak realized that this time had been a little too easy.

The enhanced assassin tumbled behind the helicopter for cover and caught a glimpse of the gunman on the other side of the pad.

"Beta Blue..." Kodiak muttered, then yelled "I thought I told you to die!"

The French reploid aimed his rifle's scope at the chopper's fuel cells and breathed "Se la vi" as he squeezed off a round.

The explosion of the helicopter was spectacular. Walking amongst the rubble afterwards, Beta Blue found Lucas' smoking body beneath some debris, not conscious but still alive. The arrogant reploid put the muzzle of his gun to the prone man's head.

"I give you a little kiss. Bon nuit, my friend."

Suddenly Kodiak's eye's snapped open and he swiped upwards with his razor-sharp claws, cutting off the barrel of the long gun. Dropping his now useless weapon, Delta Blue somersaulted backwards out of his adversary's striking distance. Kodiak got to his feet just in time to see tentacles grow from the other's palms.

"Do you even know how to kill me?" Delta Blue asked.

Kodiak extended his claws even longer and replied "I'll try cutting yer balls off. See if that works."

"Vive la France!" the reploid shouted as he attacked. A moment later Lucas found himself wrapped in tentacles that squeezed him with enough force to crush duracrete.

Summoning great reserves of strength from inside himself, Kodiak started to change further. Fur grew from his skin, his eyes began to glow yellow, and Delta Blue could feel steely muscles bulge within his extended grip.

"Mon Dieu!" the Frenchman gasped as his prey managed to pull free of the tentacles. Kodiak used the extensions to pull his enemy closer to him and then with a single mighty blow knocked the reploid to the ground. Now it was Delta Blue's turn to lie helpless at the feet of a triumphant opponent.

"Why'd they do it, Blue?" Kodiak snarled. "Why'd BioSyn have mercenaries wipe out the lupines?"

Delta Blue began to laugh. "You imbecile. It was CyberGenetica that had mercenaries hunt down the lupines and kill them all."

From where he lay the reploid could see the expression on Lucas' face change. It turned to the look of realization. The look of a man who just found out he'd been helping his enemies do their dirty work.

"Ah, now you understand, no?" Delta Blue sighed. "Now you understand that life is a toilette."


Kodiak stood on the floor of Frost Coliseum and gazed up at the owner's box.


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