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Kryce Grim Shade
Fri May 8, 2009 1:06pm (XFF:

The Tournament had yet to start. Shade walked through the competitor locker rooms and into the snack room. To his surprise there stood Grim and Kryce. Kryce stood with his arms folded looking bored. Grim smoked a cigarette and scanned the room.

"Fancy meeting you two here." they both turned recognizing the voice. Their Grins were immediate.

"Shade? Long time to see man." The reploid brothers grinned heartily, with genuine good humor. They were mean hardened killers with a pension for destruction, in fact world renown as Death (Grim) and Destruction (Kryce). However in the face of their friend they were comparable to large reploid puppies reunited with a litter mate.

Shade also smiled, and clapped Kryce on the shoulder. “It’s been a while... Oh, Grim I hope you don’t mind. I barrowed your katana from the Pain bringer." Grim shrugged. "meh, keep it. We aren’t likely to return. Things are hectic back at the tower, and I trust you are skilled enough to use it."

Shade nodded and then looked at Kryce "I can understand him, but what the hell are you doing in here?" Kryce regarded him with a grin. “I’m tryin to save up for some new armor plating for the Grave filler... every little bit helps." Shade shook his head.

"Well you guys are probably goanna have some fun... A bunch of the guys are here. Poor Arena...." well I'm goanna go stow some stuff in my locker see ya.” With hand shake from both Shade made his way back into the locker rooms.

This tournament will be officially interesting those two mercs could casually take on a small city state... one on one combat with them will definitely prove to test ones limits. Shade was itching to fight them.

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          • Shade Vs WarlockShade, Sat May 9 11:58am
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