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Shade Vs Warlock
Sat May 9, 2009 11:58am (XFF:

Shade headed done a long corridor to the opening stage doors. Outside he could hear the boom of the crowd. The announcer’s voice took on the Sunday, Sunday, Sunday cadence.

All right folks this is the second round of this installment of the iron hand tournament.

What a dirt stadium was before blurred and momentarily a hologrid was visible. The Scenery was now that of an old west town.

from the red door, weighing in at 210 lbs a human mercenary with magic guns WARLOCK

The crowd exploded into a sea of cheers and boos. Not unlike the first match.

from the blue door. Weighing in at a solid 345lbs we have the honor to bring you from the ranks of the Freelance reploids the professional prototype Shade!

Shade bristled at this announcement. He included nothing on being a prototype. Apparently they did their home work. This was nationally televised. Now his identity and location were known.
Time was a solid object for a few moments.

we have a treat for you ladies and gentlemen... the theme for this match is old west Shoot out!

The man Warlock looked pleased at this Shade thought. From what he could see this man employed archaic armaments.


The old human dipped gun slinger style and came up. Shade cloaked and leapt to the eves of the buildings. The old gunman must have seen the dust from the roof flitter down as he holstered one gun and lobbed an old school frag grenade shade's way.

Shade did a tight side flip in mid air he drew his own pistol and fired a single shot. The remaining grenade on the man's hip detonated.

The crowd Roared and the announcer spoke up.

well.... there you have it folks... it like like the winner is SHADE

Shade glanced up at the vitals displayed above the arena floor. The old guy wasn't dead... just mangled and traumatized. Modern medicine would have him a new set of cybernetic organs and appendages in no time.

Shade held up a hand as he walked back through the blue doors and the Crowd Exploded with cheers.

NRP: I tried to draw it out in my head but Shade was having none of it.

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